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Monday, 09 July 2007


I am of the opinion that everyone in this world would agree with me when I say that God, our creator is fair and just. I am sure that every single person on this planet knows that NO ONE wants to spend an eternity in HELL rather than a lifetime of happiness in HEAVEN. We all are aware that if we want to spend our lives in heaven we have to live a certain type of lifestyle and become CHRIST-LIKE. Now with that said, how can the world emphatically say without any kind of doubt that if you are not with GOD in the way the BIBLE dictates then you are against him. HISTORY and COMMON SENSE has taught me that GOD has never written anything and thus the BIBLE should be taken with more than a GRAIN of SALT, hence proving that the BOOK that this world uses as a guide is no more significant than the MOTHER GOOSE BOOK of fairytales. I say this because I wonder how and why if GOD gave us FREEWILL; we have to choose when there is not really a choice at all. How can society say that if we want to live a life free of pain and anguish that GOD says to renounce SATAN and EVIL and accept him; if not then we are against him? This would mean that GOD is like MAN in this regard, saying on thing but meaning another. Why would GOD give an option without giving us an option? It is obvious that NO ONE wants to die and go to HELL so how can we who were created by another have NO WAY OUT? We met this world in the state that it is in, how is it our fault if can’t get beyond the perils and tribulations that befall us? How can we be at fault for doing things that seems so natural to us? Do you believe that at some point I chose to be gay? Do you think that thief or murderer chose to feel like they want to do immoral and hurtful things? The bible seems horribly manufactured to me and it seems as if it handicaps its readers and followers. Thus taking away the bigger picture making me fortunate that I do not subscribe to ORGANIZED RELIGION. The bible is so confusing, misleading, contradictory, and in some places, false that I find it almost impossible to believe that a supreme, all-seeing and knowing god would be so vague about something should guide us on journey to find him. WE HAVE NO WAY OUT if the bible tells us to do this then turn around and say do that. WE HAVE NO WAY OUT if we are struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction. WE HAVE NO WAY OUT if the church does not fulfill and serve its true purpose and uplift us. WE HAVE NO WAY OUT if society allows personal feelings and thoughts get in the way of understanding. We need to remember that GOD’S LAW is different from MAN’S LAW; if I break a law, I am hated and treated with distaste and unkindness. Nonetheless, GOD will still welcome me into his heart and forgive me so why can’t the CHRISTIANS?

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