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Sunday, 17 June 2007


If I was one thing,
I want to be my father’s son.
Just for one day, for once in my life…
I would not stumble over,
Things blocking the path to an open door.
He would light my path,
Even strong winds; my light will not deter.
He will cheer me up when I am blue.
And keep me when times get tough.
Assuring me that he’s always here,
In my heart; close and near.
But alas; he blew out my candle,
For my one wish, he did not make true.
He left me behind,
And did not leave his light to shine.
He may not be here;
But in his heart,
The light I give will not depart.
If it takes forever and a day,
I know that he will come my way.
So I say farewell for now;
I am needed but not here,
Only when his path is dark
He can have me near.
I am not gone; just unseen.
I would not leave; I am not that mean.
Only one simple request that I must say,
Please, never forget who is your son on this day.
So I would hold on to the memories when we first meet;
It was just the beginning,
We never got an ending.
I know that you love me,
Deep inside your heart you do.
You have shattered my world like a glass
And that has to hurt you too.
So I sit by the clock,
As silence fills my loneliness
My heart growing in pain,
That tears every senses of my life.
This heart swells in deep agony,
But there is nothing I can do
But burn with this desire
To tell you that I love;
And wish a happy father’s day.
© tgk

1 comment:

  1. If I was one thing,
    I want to be my father’s son.
    Just for one day, for once in my life…
    For most of my life I had that wish and he was there - I don't know which is harder having something with you all the time and wanting it, or to never have it around you at all and wanting it to be there




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