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Monday, 07 May 2007


HOMOSEXUALITY is a ‘SEXUAL ORIENTATION’ and it is defined as ‘ROMANTIC’ attraction and/or ‘SEXUAL’ interaction between individuals of the same ‘SEX.’ So how does one tell who is a HOMOSEXUAL OR NOT? How can you look at an individual and decipher what he/she does sexually? Take a look at me, tell me what you see? Do you see a MAN or THE FACE OF HOMOSEXUALITY? 
When one thinks about SAME-GENDER-LOVING persons; they associate US with rainbows, flare and drama. But if one takes a look into the REAL face of homosexuality, one would find the essence of survivors, pioneers…MEN and WOMEN that are just like any other person on this planet; we are many and are as diverse as the world itself! Can someone tell me how society can’t see us all? 
We have butch, fem, fat, Skinny, and buff persons in this diverse community (for your information). Hence society needs to get out of the mind frame that HOMOSEXUALS are one in the same; meaning that there are no such persons. We have politicians, law enforcers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers just to name a few. I am not the ‘NORM’ and neither is the next HOMOSEXUAL, we are all different and diverse like the rest of the world.

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