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Monday, 02 April 2007


If I told you once, I have told you a thousand times…PLEASE STOP SENDING YOUR COUNTERFIET VERSION OF LOVE MY WAY! I WON’T ACCEPT THEM NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU CHANGE THE GAME BECAUSE I KNOW THE RULES STAY THE SAME. Talk about your definition of insanity, how can you keep doing the same thing expecting to get different results? LISTEN AND LISTEN WELL, I AM SURE THAT I SPEAK ENGLISH! I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS WHO YOU SEND MY WAY, I WILL ONLY STAND FOR THE BEST; I AM SINGLE BECAUSE I AM EXCEPTIONALLY WONDERFUL AND I REQUIRE A MAN THAT FEELS THE SAME. Let’s face reality: I am not your puppet. I have you by the throat and I can hear your heart beating faster and your breathing become shallower as you heed my words; wondering who truly is the MASTER behind them. You hate how my laughter taunts you, goads you; spurn you on and on and on. I want TRUE LOVE and you know You WANT to be Mine, why fight me on this? Guess you have lost touch with all reality or just entered into Mine? You send me MEN that ME, try to exploit ME, and drain every ounce of LOVE out of ME. This is the creed of the TRUE ASSERTIVE, one who is not just satisfied with the notion of an hour of pain you send me. GIVE ME MY MOST HEARTFELT DEVOTION! As long as you please ME to the best of your abilities, you will have MY attention and when you displease ME, I shall toss you aside. I want you to put me above all others and make ME your ultimate joy and concern. Show ME that my words are not useless; open your HEART, empty your SOUL and make me a happy MAN. Seems as if I have to take you on a journey and educate you on the ways of LOVE. AND NOW I DIGRESS AND I’ll STEP OFF THE SOAP BOX NOW! But please stop playing your games I am done playing…LUV OH LUV, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?

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