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Friday, 22 September 2006


In modern cultures today, as far as the business world is concerned I feel that we as Bahamians are as confused as a child in a candy store! Hence being the job chameleon that I am I have noticed an alarming trend within our very own business arena. I take issue with the way businesses are ran. The level of unprofessionalism that goes on is mind blowing and doesn’t foster a positive image for companies and it does nothing to make employees responsible. So the company that I just left certainly is no different from the others that I have worked at in the past. I use to think that it was me; I use to believe that because I wanted an environment that operated on policy and procedure that I was crazy. How dare I want to work in place that places a high importance on staff; how dare I want to work in place that knows that a happy customer is definitely a repeat customer. I find that the structure I seek on the jobs I’ve had wasn’t there and that I had to make a decision sink or swim. So I found it interest that my time at DHL (Bahamas) Limited was no different from the other places I’ve worked and is no different from lack of proper professionalism that was abscent from other places here in the Bahamas. So you can image me, just graduate with AA in Accounting and getting a phone call from the Managing Director of the company that he wanted to interview me for the Chief Financial Controller’s desk. I thought ok, interesting couldn’t hurt to see what this is about. After getting there we had a long conversation, talking about all the things that the company was about and what it can do for me; however it was revealed that I needed to have BA in Accounting to sit behind the desk of CFO. I thought no problem, I can work and show them what I can do and I will be behind that desk in no time. Funny how the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you think it should…After about a month on the job of endless asking about my job description and company manual, I have come to the conclusion that my mind was rape, violated and penetrated with thoughts of a company that couldn’t deliver. I sat and wonder if a company can’t provide it employees with a job description can this company have a vision? Can this company know where it wants to go? Do they have proper systems in place to foster growth for the company and employees? How can this company not realize that has to be a training system and mentoring process designed to build commitment? How do they expect to help employees maintain focus as they build their business? I am that crazy for thinking and believing that this type of company knows how it got to be where it is and knows where it wants to go? These questions made me question this type of management style within the organization. This type of behavior cannot help but be Bahamian-inspired. What other way do we know as a people? Unless Bahamians change their thinking, we will continue to have places like this in our society. It’s sad that in this society blacks are not used to having power; they abuse their employees and do whatever they want with no recourse. At DHL the management team believes that an environment is only as professional as YOU make it. Well I don’t disagree with that notion I can’t help but wonder how management plays a role in this little exercise within the company. Am I crazy for thinking that it should start from the top and work its way down? Am I wrong for thinking that when employees curse out each other in front of clients that management should see this as a serious offense to the company? Shouldn’t these things be addressed? I guess that as an employee that gets lost in the shuffle I can only get what I am being paid for. I can’t expect things that are so simple to come my way, things that should be in place. So again I realize that I am climbing a corporate ladder that is leaning against the wrong wall. Hence this young Bahamian man whose career motto is ‘yes I can, whatever it takes’ has to pack up his bag seek employment elsewhere. Even though I know I am perfectionist to a fault, I know that there are not perfect places and perfection is not what I seek. I simply want a company that can recognize good employees when they have them and try to whatever it takes to them. Don’t tell me that you will support my pursuit of my college education then don’t. Please don’t’ tell me that you hired me despite what others feel about what my SEXUALITY is. Don’t tell me that I let you down because I didn’t give my all when you gave me nothing. I am well aware that I am in a war; it’s me against the system, me going against Bahamians that love the easy road and an easy life…Whoever wins will ultimately determine whether this war will bring about some change, can this war finally wake up Bahamians? Can they finally get up and go to a job because they love it? Can they not see their place of employment as something to do in maintain? Can they seek to live while they are alive?

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