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Friday, 23 June 2006


Are we GAY MEN better suited for sex as apposed to having long term relationships? I have been single for a while and I have met a few guys and I have found out that having sex is easier than guys wanting something more, such as a LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP. In making this observation, I don't think that I am running with the wrong crowd or that I am looking in all the wrong places! I have met guys that say that they want a long term relationship and don't act like they want a long term relationship. This makes me wonder if we are relationship oriented. I MYSELF DON'T BELIEVE THIS EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SEX WITHOUT STRINGS ATTACH. I say I am waiting for that person and while I wait I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t get with a guy if we have chemistry…Are we more prone to "GETTIN' THAT NUTT" than building a life together? Is there anything wrong with not wanting a relationship and just wanting sex? I find it very interesting that a man I meet is more willing to have me F**K him, rather than wait for the whole nine yards. But on the flip-side just sex eliminates those GAY MEN that are down on their luck, just need a helping hand, willing to move in tomorrow, has no place to call "their own place". Most times it’s the young ones that are looking for a "SUGAR DADDY" not a "LIFE PARTNER" or "SIGNIFICANT OTHER."These days especially, the reality is that there are more ways to connect sexually without commitment than ever before. The internet has opened the flood gates of options. The thing is that if one is looking for a long-term relationship BGC, A4A or X-CLUSIVITY honestly aren’t the places to look, these sites perpetuate the fantasy of many and opens up our sexual appetite for that ASS SLAP AGAINST SOME BALLS. Yes, there are some sincere people on there, but not many. I think if you're truly looking for LTR the internet is just not the place to look. I feel that we are using the wrong key all caught in this cycle in our search for love, yes I said love because whether we admit it or not we are looking for love. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE GAY COMMUNITY STARTS LOOKING LIKE WHEN WE START MOVING WITH AN UNDERSTANDING THAT WE ARE A SUBLIME "BEING OF LIGHT?" Instead we live the way those that are not apart of our community say we do.How about just for the F**K of it we seek a MAN, not just any man ‘THE MAN’. The one you see forever in his eyes; watch the sun rise in them, leave a longing impression on your soul. Love to realize that in the chambers of my heart, you behold the extremity of "beauty" protecting the one he so loved…be touched with tenderness; filled your cups with love. I encourage you to go on that journey; that quest to find a conscious man, which one God has selected for you. Have your breath taken away; achieve that spiritual connection, live in the light of love with your soul mate. LIVE WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE! STIMULATE YOUR YOUR ENTIRE BEING...I WANT US TO ALLOW OUR HEARTS TO FEEL ALL IT CAN FEEL. SEX IS GREAT BUT LOVE TOO INTANGIBLE TO DIMISS…
***LOVE IS REAL! ***

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