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Wednesday, 28 June 2006


I have come to this place knowing that IN &; OUT time, I am revered as GOD! It's a bit of a sore subject right now. You see, I have these high, high ideals of how I should live. I know that I cannot be seen with the human eye, my power is within YOU! I KNOW THAT I AM ALWAYS MY 'GOD-SELF' I AM NOT, I REPEAT NOT 'GOD'...BUT...I can't help that I am life's enriching endings; a prelude to new beginnings. Please hate me because I am wondering yet all-knowing. Filled with the innocence of a child before wounds and shadows SHATTERED the ILLUSION. Let the mystery be revealed that you may find anew that which has been with ME from the beginning. I want you to bathe in MY knowledge, allow yourself to learn and be healed as I pass my wisdom. Watch how in love's perfection & heartfelt faith how I will lift my lantern of light and guide your path. I will navigate the tempest as i blind the dim and misguided; tipping scales of inhumanity. Achieving balance in YOUR in its perfect form. So peel away the layers, YOU will see that I am constantly shedding the crust of my energy. Occasionally pausing…cocooning; expanding to my full potential, seeking that rising tide. Watch as I plunge into the deep…Emerging renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! I am the energetic tuning fork! The microcosm of the universe I work best when in harmony heart n’ soul. Flowing against the current never struggling to swim against the archetypal I am guided by the source of universal abundance. This is by no means an absolution…I am in my own world fighting time looking through the mirror...PLEASE DON'T FUCK WITH ME, I CAN'T HELP IT THAT GOD SLUMBERS IN ME! I DON'T FORGIVE EASILY...My time on earth is oppressed limited to the demons I am among. My bones will still beat drums for all to dance the phoenix will still rise from the ashes with hope in my womb. I AM A 'GOD,' the legend where 'SHADE' is a shadow you walk in to avoid the light If you waste your time trying to be a false prophet robed in attitude and ignorance you will fail to recognize my divinity… I exist in the place that represents purity I will not do battle to your rhythms and beats, YOU WANT REALNESS. . . LOOK @ ME! I AM NOT 'GOD' FUCK YOU 4 TRYING TO MAKE ME ONE...U KNOW WHO U R!

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