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Tuesday, 27 June 2006


A GRUDGE IS A HEAVY THING 2 CARRY…I started my new job about a month ago and through various chain of events I found myself working somewhere that wasn’t’ going to offer me the professionalism that I seek. My first day on the job I met the lady that was going to train me, show me the ropes. She was rude, bossy, haphazard and a gossip monger making me uneasy from the get go. She didn't get along with anyone on staff never realizing how under-handed she was. After the first week I was given the keys to the safe and placed on my own, not that I am not a quick learner or can’t comprehend things quickly, it’s just that I am not thrilled about being thrown to the wolves. THAT IS WHEN THE SH*T REALLY HIT THE FAN. It was a Friday my boss came to me asked me if I was going to work late because certain things weren’t up to date. I thought to myself I was told that I had another week to become current and I was using that as my guide, so imagine my surprise when my co-worker that was training me told me that I needed to be current so she can become current. I was so blind-sighted it was crazy. I thought okay, what should I do? I made a decision said that I was going to bring this to a boiling point and I did. She told me that I have to come to work on Saturday which I didn’t so naturally my boss got upset and was fuming. I then informed him that I wasn’t told that what I do has an effect on my co-worker’s functions. He then called her in the office and I repeat exactly what I said to him…BAM! There it was she seemed like a deer caught in the head lights, my insides smiled because I finally called someone on the SH*TS they do on the job especially when it comes to a new person on the payroll. She didn’t have an explanation for what was going on and then I realized that she was trying to sabotage my job and if I didn’t say anything about it she would have succeeded. I confronted my co-worker and the sabotage stopped. She never questioned or denied the accusations. The whole situation was very weird. I know if I had been accused of what she was being accused of, I would have had some questions. She didn't ask one, and didn't seem the least bit phased. I felt very awkward and uncomfortable with the whole situation and I wasn't the one in the hot seat. Minutes after the confrontation, she was laughing and joking like nothing had happened. I would have been either in tears or very irate. I also know that that may have been her way of dealing with things. Although she is incredibly competitive, jealous and controlling, she is also very insecure. I have always taken this into consideration and tried to over look her faults and work with them. After all, we do have to work together in the same office and I try to keep a pleasant working environment as not to make things harder then they need be. We need to be able to accept each others idiosyncrasies and work with what we have. Or at least I thought...I don't understand people sometimes. Blatant disregard for others and lies mystify me. Although I am aware that this may come easy to some, I still find it disappointing. I felt the need to vent and to get this off of my chest. This is one of the biggest challenges I have had to face on the job field and I am definitely open to advice. Some how I have faith that things will turn out the way they should. We all get what is coming to us in the end. SADLY…

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