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Sunday, 21 October 2012


People wear masks. Behind that mask are many stories, good, bad, and indifferent. Never move intimately, and emotionally close to anyone without first knowing who that person is. Strangers are tomorrow’s friends, but friends come in all levels from ‘Facebook’ internet friends to ‘soul mates’. Like ‘food’ today, one needs to know what’s in it, and if it’s a healthy pick or a ‘deal breaker’. In the case of humans who connect with the possibility of continual intimate partnering, it could be the most important decision you’ll ever make. It’s not like the old days of  where the male is dragging the female ‘catch’ by the hair with a big club in the other hand.

Little communication happened among the neanderthals, and yet that lack of intelligent behavior is common to one degree or another among people ‘coupling’. Millions of marriages are still ‘arranged marriages’! In the Western world, freedoms and slow acceptance of different kinds of coupling from ‘interracial’ to ‘gay marriage’ is becoming more accepted by the open minded. However, the dilemmas of hiding ones true self from the other, not to mention from oneself is still the norm. Closeness involves taking on the manners, qualities, and soul of the other that to one degree or another merges with your own. Does it make any sense not to know who you’re letting in to you from both points of view?

‘Tell me about yourself’, need not be said if two people are in the flow of easily doing it naturally. Sometimes other communication unfolds where it happens naturally when two people are in relaxed communication. Lead your life where smooth communication can happen to the maximum point of it’s willingness to be received. Open communication with no mask or barriers is fulfilling to the soul and builds a knowing trust. Feel your heart opening and the others will open. 


  1. So very true, friend! If we are to honestly commit andreceive, then we, in turn, must be willing to accept and give!

  2. Let me convey this message in my Honey BOO BOO voice "You betta recognize!"




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