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Sunday, 14 October 2012


In the past few short years, ‘greed’ has been shot in the butt, but still survives having not learned it’s lessons. Greed begets greed, and the karma of wondering in those last days what it was all for, since none comes to the other side. If we can take something with us to the ‘next side’, it is the love inside you that has nothing to do with what you earned or investments. The real investment is in the love and compassion that comes from your heart for others who feel your love with no motives. The ‘more-than-you-need-people’ are oblivious to the real people who do need more.

To give with an expectation of a return is really an investment dressed in sheep’s clothing. Greed is hoarding that which is taken because you think you've earned it when in fact,  giving it to help others, is to help raise the consciousness of the planet. Always wanting more so you can have more of ‘excitement’ for yourself is tantamount to being a ‘self serving illuminati scrooge’, or a wolf in sheeple’s clothing. In fact, it’s just being another ‘sheeple’ who masquerades as a ‘do gooder’ to con his fellow sheep into submitting so the false sheep can shear them for his own pleasure.

Unregulated, unchecked gluttony is a plague that reaches around the world, robbing those who have little, or nothing. That same energy for acquiring what serves greed could be invested in attention to matters of the heart, and instead given with a better, more compassionate use of the energy. ‘Entitlement’ is a sickness that controls the mind of the greedy to think that the world ‘owes them’ while confused with the reality instead, that it is they who owes the world from their heart. The ‘pot of gold at the end of a rainbow’ is really a pot of gold, and divine compassion for others within each of us. 

He who has nothing deserves the compassion of those who have much to give whether material or spiritual, and with no expectation of return. In the greedy’s mind, a poor investment! In the mind of the conscious giver, as well as the ‘receiver’ who is grateful, a ‘real god given investment’ that can grow into perpetual giving back to others. Hoarding ‘til death do us part is not written in any holy book, or modern day self inspiration one. The dark side of the moon is for the greedy, and the light side of the moon is for the loving - it’s time to be on the light side!

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