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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I am very confused about a situation with my ex. We dated for about 9 months and lived together in the same apartment. Toward the end of our relationship he felt trapped and tied down so he started looking to end the relationship. We talked to see if we could work things out but it only got worse. He ended up moving out and I decided to move back to my home state, about 440 miles away.
I was devastated. He told me we would never be together again that he was not interested in me. These were very hurtful words and I thought everything was over.
After a few months I had a business trip in our city and mentioned to him that I would be in town for a few days. He called, we ended up meeting, and I spent the night with him. We had sex and it was strange but very satisfying. Then last week I was in the city again for a follow-up meeting, and he agreed to stay with me in the hotel. I even took our dogs to see him. We drank, had a great time, and even had sex again. He told me he loved me and was afraid of hurting me again.
I have such strong feelings for him and I know that I love him. He tends to hide his feelings better, but I know he cares about me. After these reunions, I began to think about moving back—not for him, but for myself. I am not happy in my hometown, I truly miss the city and the nightlife. I am currently in the process of getting a job in the city and it is possible that I will eventually move back. He said he hoped I would move back as well.
This is all very confusing because I don't want to trick myself into believing something is there when it may not be. Am I doing the right thing or am I tricking myself? Please help!


  1. If you move back get your own place. Then you can see how things go after a year…then think about moving back with him if you choose.

  2. My opinion is that it's always necessary to follow your desires otherwise you can be sure that come frustrations. I write that because in your post, you write: I know that I love him. If you're sure of your love, do not hesitate! You shouldn't live with regrets but with one condition: nobody has to suffer (again) in this story. Be brave !

  3. Sometimes shit gets scary. But if you still love each other, then why not give it a shot? No such thing as love without a risk of hurt.

  4. Reconciliations happen all the time. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I think it's best to proceed with caution and slowly. Communication is essential if the relationship is to develop and grow.

  5. I know what you mean. I had sex with an ex and it was one of the best sessions we ever had together. I would have never moved back with him though. I'd get my own place if I were you. But It's up to you in the end. Good luck.

    1. It all depends on how things ended, but I wouldn't get back with an ex of mine.




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