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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I hear the phrase "it is what it is" a lot these days. I like it. The words strike me as an attempt to express a minor epiphany. The speaker is announcing in a casual way that they accurately perceive an unchangeable reality and have accepted it as such. There's no defeat implied, it's just an articulation of consciousness doing its thing.
To me, this represents the injustices of this planet. An evolutionary step forward from "c'est la vie," which implied a weary, apathetic resignation. The ‘please bend me over and f*&k me again’, if you will. Another phrase I've been hearing quite often is, "it's all good." This one really bothers me. A quick look around would indicate that "it" is not even remotely "all good." This in my mind represents the state of world we live in.


  1. Excellent point, buddy. It's similar to: How are you? No one really wants to know the truth.

  2. As someone 'blessed' with chronic depression, I struggle every day to see the glass as half-full and most days I win the fight. The basis for winning this struggle is the Serenity Prayer; accepting what you cant change, striving to change what you can and attain enough knowledge to know the difference. I hate empty catch phrases as much as you guys do, but this particular one has saved my life more than once.

    My Great Aunt Gittel, one of 6 chlidren who arrived in America with their mother to reunite with their father who came alone before them to escape from Czarist Russia where the army regularly raped, slaughtered, pillaged and burned down Jewish villages for fun, used to say; "Dalink, vat vuz, vuz and vat is, is."

    Catch phrases? Apathetic resignation? I dont think so.

    1. Well not all situations are the same and I get your point.




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