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Sunday, 19 August 2012


As children we are given some standard fairy tales, as well as most parents creating different illusions protecting a reality, thinking it’s best for the child’s innocence. The process of giving up illusions begins at around 8 years old, when Santa Clause, tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, and whatever cultural illusions are used for children. Illusions that make one happy are tough to give up...that’s why religions hang in there even though, more and more today, everyone knows all the stories are made up in spite of some value. One illusion often gets replaced with another usually at an early age, soon becoming imprinted, and guarded with alleged certainty. It’s much like giving up one bad habit usually invites in the growth of another.  People of illusion cling together reinforcing their interpretation of the illusion. 
Illusions in religions are often represented by ‘archetypes’ to personify certain values in life. Unfortunately, the ‘believers’ through their ‘idolatry’ miss the message’s deepness and richness. Anyone who is deeply introspective while open to knowing their deeper self finds religions to be taken lightly at best. All is always in flux for those not attached to ‘anyone’s words, especially when idolizing them as the ‘only way’. The ‘wise’ are those who move beyond ‘smoke screens’, parroting others, as well as being worshiped themselves. The ignorant ‘worship’ instead of finding love within themselves, and with others. A wise being avoids all ignorance.


  1. All religions contain basic beliefs that encourage us to perform good works and respect each other. It is the illusionists, the perpetuators of a personal agenda, who obscure these commandments in order for personal and material rewards. We need to filter out the selfish motives and look for the essential goodness that these belief systems contain. Great post, buddy!

    1. Thanks, now all we need to do is get this the various worship houses around the world.




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