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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Do not date a man who is not happy with his job. Do not date a man who feels inadequate about his ability to provide. Do not date a man who [insert something that says the man has not reached is idea of financial stability]. These are just a few pieces of advice given to me when I was 'looking' for a partner. The connections between manhood and money are always a topic.
How many times have you heard a guy say they aren’t looking for anything serious until something changes in their financial life? I know a number of guys who took dating sabbaticals until their money was straight. Would you forego dinners, nice clothes, jewelry etc. until he has more money in the bank? 
Are you putting off dating until he gets his money is right?


  1. What do dinners out, nice clothes and jewelry have to do with HIS money? Monetary wealth is transient, especially in today's world, and what really counts are one's emotional and spiritual bank accounts and their in/outflow.

    I've never looked at a man's financial net worth or his ability to bring home the bacon as a prerequisite to being an eligable partner; having had it and lost it more than once, I wouldn't want to be judged that way either. I am a whole lot more than just my financial assets and he had better be as well.

  2. Money is nice. I hope to makes lots over my lifetime. Now, and probably for thext 10 years I will be broke. The nature of being in school. By thee time I get out I'll have a load os student loans to pay off before I hit my financial stride. I do not think it is that huge of a deal to dating, living and loving. Who needs all the extras?

    1. Many think they need all the extras and when I win the lotto look me up :-)




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