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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


What do you do when you meet a man that wears his bisexuality as a badge of sexually honor? He tells you how many gay men he got with because he ‘labels’ himself as “bi” and he shows you his photo, you have to wonder if telling the truth or are gay men just desperate because you are sure that 99.9% of the gay men you know wouldn’t give him the time of day. He even tells you that most of the men he chats with tell him he isn’t their type but the bisexual label makes them look pass that. Now I get that bisexuality is an enigma for many us, yet I can’t help but wonder for those of us that ‘entertain’ a ‘bisexual’ guy in this vain, does he have to have some sex appeal to get some or does have to be just bi?
WE are a culture that is consumed by the notion of HETEROSEXUALITY and I can see why many gay men tend to embrace the bisexual man; but does the very existence of this guy that I was chatting with jab holes in the conventional wisdom of the sexuality of the men he was chatting because he is showing that they are NOT greater than the sum of their parts? Don’t you find it scary that some gay men sorting each other by such a simple label? When a gay man get that itch and go after that guy that has a wife/girlfriend because in many of his mind him being bi gives him that extra something, something, is he just getting merely what he deserves if he sleeps with him when he is more than likely NOT attracted to him?  
Acceptance is the BIGGEST issue for all gay men; many of us spend a lifetime being who others want us to be. In an attempt to fit in and be accepted by society, we have to reject who they are. In my honest opinion, I feel that if any gay man accept another man just because he says he is bi ONLY perpetuate what many think about the sexuality of gay men, TALK ABOUT LABEL OVER ATTRACTION. 


  1. I tend to run as fast as I can when I encounter one of these actors oops I mean Bisexual men; good luck! The role playing only leads to a cluster fuck! Now if he carries himself as a wild one then maybe just maybe will I find him attractive.

  2. I tend to think of bi guys as a one off. Nothing of importance in the long run. Inthe end they settle with girls. So really, I do not see how they are more attractive at all. My best friend is bi, he's pretty honest about how in the long run, he fucks guys, has relationships with women. It's just easier . I think most bi guys have that outlook .




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