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Sunday, 22 April 2012


About The Movie:

When a quartet of women get their mitts on comedian-turned- 

author Steve Harvey’s best-seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a 

Man, they set out to put the book’s man-wrangling rules to practice 

in their respective relationships. Mya (Good) forces her new player 

beau (Romany Malco) to wait for sex; Kristen (Union) makes her 

man-child boyfriend (Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara) get his act together; 

Candace (Regina Hall) tries to wrest Michael (Terrence Jenkins) 

from his mother’s clutches; and Lauren (Henson) attempts to 

pressure her dude (Michael Ealy) into a higher tax bracket. These 

men eventually realize that they’re being manipulated, so they 

game the ladies right back—which naturally blows up in their faces.

What Is Good About The Movie:

The cast sparkles, with comedian Kevin Hart providing most of the major laughs, and with cameos from Chris Brown and Wendy Williams. And the dialogue proves smart and punchy, with hilarious banter traded between the sexes.

The film touched on some the most universal conflicts in modern relationships -- dating as a single parent, dating someone at a different income level, negotiating sex, and discussing marriage with Steve Harvey directly quoting from his book that the movie is based upon. 

As a gay man, it was especially refreshing to see that the plot didn't rely on clueless women trying to "fix" themselves for some man rather, both the male and female characters were confronted with their relationship demons. But what may be almost unique about the film is the way it will resonate with men. It is NICE to watch a movie that didn't resort to male-bashing. This film simply AND truthfully points out the men's issues and flaws without casting them as villains or foes. 

This film brought a few tears to my eyes and after the endless years of discussions about the failure of black relationships (and films that has NOTHING to do with Tyler Perry), Think Like A Man 
may be a film to help bring men and women back to a place of laughter and love. 

What Is Bad About The Movie:

I couldn't find anything.

Overall Grade:





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