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Monday, 12 March 2012


Yeah, that wasn’t the title of the episode but I thought it was WAY more fitting due to the Wet T Shirt contest and Pride (“Let’s Get Soakin Wet” is one of the biggest pride songs ever!)

We had a lot in this episode: A lot about the history of pride, a lot of Willam being absolutely brilliant (YES! I said it, so there), a lot of Jiggly’s forehead and a lot of shade from dearly departed Kenya Michaels.

The mini challenge this week was awesome! Wet T-Shirt contest. Each of the queens had to wear new tits courtesy of boobsforqueens.com. Those boobs are so expensive – have you BEEN to that site? Almost $1000 – HELLEAU! After watching the girls get drenched, my money was on DiDa and Willam. Willam mainly because well let’s face it, he’s a big ho (said with love gir), and Dida cause those tits were bouncing all over the place.

Sidenote: WTF was up with Phi Phi in this challenge. What a f*cking mess. So Willam won and it was time for the main challenge, pride floats.

The main challenge this week had to do with creating a pride float and a matching look. While the queens were creating their floats, the subject of the history of Stonewall came up. I was incredibly surprised to hear Willam speak about it, and he knew quite a bit. I have to say I think there is a lot more to Willam than just her name-dropping label whore exterior. Not to mention she wasso funny this episode. While some queens found her too much, my girl Latrice gets it…and so do I now. Willam is brilliant TV. Witty, funny can cut a bitch. I respect that. What I don’t respect is whiney, Jiggly. First of all, I always find it incredibly disrespectful not even having any idea about the Stonewall Riots. She even said she performs at the bar and has never read the plaque. SHAME ON YOU! I’m done with Jiggly, and her 7 head. I know SO SHADY but honestly did you see? Poor thing, that’s why she always had a hat or bandana on. Ouch, but my pity for her will not save her my opinion. She’s a mess, her float is a mess, her outfits are a mess, and she needs. to. go.

At the runway we saw the floats. My girl Latrice was serving you MEDUSA honey, her makeup and hair is always SO fierce. She got clocked for her boots which…ok. Latrice is a big girl, it’s hard to get shoes or boots for someone that big so I’m gonna cut her some slack. The best boat and presentation was definitely Willam. The wig-head on the mast was BRILLIANT, and she looked incredible, and the judges agreed! Bottom two this week were Milan (AGAIN!) and Jiggly. This one was annoying because I wanted them both to go. Michelle said it best, if Milan takes that wig off one more time she’s going home. Well, guess who took their wig off!!!

So Jiggly got to stay… but not because she is good… because Milan is worse, so don’t get that twisted. Next week, Jiggly better go.



  1. Well I don't know if I agree with the Jiggly go next week bit, but however I think Milan shut the show down the 2 weeks she had to lip sync for her life, however Milan is more of a drag king, with the ripping off of the wig and the taking the clothes off, she's more of a Broadway actor than a Drag Queen.

    I don't think its Jiggly's time yet, I think it's time for Dita or Willam to check out. and maybe Chad cause I think one could get sick of seeing Cher after Cher after Cher.

  2. Dida not Dita sorry lol

    1. So who do you want to see win this competition?

  3. I would love to see Latrice win this competition with either Phi Phi or Sharon Needles as the runner ups :D

    1. I was trying to figure out who is gonna be the top 3 and I can't make that call yet.




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