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Monday, 05 March 2012


This is what it’s all about. The Snatch Game is the episode where we are going to be separating the boys from the true queensTo impersonate a character is tricky. You have to make sure you choose one that has a quirk that you can really play up. If you take a character and just make them a disaster that’s not cute as we saw. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself so let’s start at the beginning.

The mini challenge this week had to do with chickens. I don’t really know it was kind of silly. Phi Phi won and got a phone call home, but she gave it to Chad to call his partner because it was their anniversary. Cute.

Enough about the mini challenge because this was ALL about the Snatch Game. Some of the stars they chose were great, and some were bad…

Here’s the list.
  • ·      Sharon – Michelle Visage
  • ·      Milan – Diana Ross
  • ·      Willam – Jessica Simpson
  • ·      Latrice – Aretha Franklin
  • ·      Jiggly – Snooki
  • ·      Phi Phi – Lady Gaga
  • ·      Dida – Wendy Williams (How you doin?)
  • ·      Kenya – Beyonce
  • ·      Chad – Cher (Obviously)

During the intros you could see who stood out. Sharon was PERFECTION as Michelle and had everyone busting at the seams. And Michelle was a great sport. Sharon’s impersonation was obviously done from a place of love. She nailed it. BRAVA SHARON!

WillamLatrice and Chad (who won the main challenge) were also stand outs. Sadly everyone else was terrible. I don’t know why Kenya thought Beyonce was a mess. She should’ve chosen Shakira or Lil Kim. Beyonce is NOT a cracker jack. And heads up queens, if you’re doing an impersonation naming off the songs of the artist is stupid. It makes no sense (right JEMstone?) Also Phi Phi as Gaga was terrible. Lady Gaga is visual, she’s not funny. Snooki was a disaster, but I get where she was going, and Diana Ross was terrible. It make no sense to me whatsoever. Halfway through the queens who were good were getting annoyed with the ones who were bad just making noise, and so was I.

JigglyPhi Phi and Kenya really lowered the bar on this competition tonight it was pretty embarrassing. Latrice Royale (like the mother she was) let them have it in the workroom, and rightfully so. You don’t go on Drag Race to be a mess, and half of them were messes.

Like I said Chad Michaels DESERVEDLY won the challenge. Michelle thought it was safe for him but Ross was right. Being the best Cher impersonator he had a lot riding on this. I was happy with the decision. Bottom two were Milan and Kenya. This was a SHOWDOWN! Milan absolutely came on top, she knew every lyric, and was turning out the dance moves. Sadly, Kenya was sent home, it was tough I’m sure for the judges because they loved her but it was her time to go. She just didn’t have it tonight.

So we’re down to 8, one of my top queens are gone but I’m ok with it. Also that Dida Ritz is coming into her own. I really thought she was cute tonight, and she was fabulous in the untucked. Anyone else notice Latrice took off her gown? HA! Too funny.


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