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Friday, 30 March 2012


Did you ever meet someone in a bar, a club, on the internet OR just walking in the streets AND found that the chemistry between the two of you was SO explosive that you just couldn’t wait to get into each other? Isn’t it interesting that besides our intelligence and rational thinking, the thing that REALLY separates us from animals is our ability to really enjoy sex? It can be done with a partner, a total stranger AND many others at the same time; THE forbidden fruit that tastes oh so sweet, sparks our DEEPEST fantasies and DARKEST dreams. Yet this INTENSE moment of pleasure, allows us to give in to a side of our personality that no one but yourself and your partner of the moment knows about. When I reflect on my sexual past, I knew why I did who I did…But I can’t help but wonder WHAT IS IT ABOUT SEX that sets our souls on fire, only to feel the burn of a HOT volcano after?

Our bodies stand @ attention and it like we have NO voice, NO choice but to yield in a world where SEX has become more AND more accessible for everyone. So how does one REALLY cope? Too many of us ASSOCIATE SEX as merely having a good time. I get that this is our way of PRESERVING our individuality and we are who we are, but then again there is SO much more to SEX than just sex…right?  

SEX is like a movie that keeps some of us from feeling lonely because it gives us a chance to ESCAPE from a lack of self love N’ esteem…When we have sex with another, we need to realize that each person comes with a story, concentrated around the beauty and blemish of the human body N’ mind. We place each other in the spotlight; show our naked bodies, while hiding our souls. This brings to mind a FAVORITE movie quote of mine that says, WHEN YOU HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE, YOUR BODY MAKES A COMMITMENT TO THEM WHETHER YOU VERBALIZE IT OR NOTSo then it stands to reason that the dividing line between the practical sense AND the social expectations of SEX is COMPLETELY unobtainable because they don’t really exist? CLEARLY we are OVERWHELMED by sex because SO many of us conform to a stereotype that shouldn’t exist in the first place. And because of this we have the idea of SEX all wrong… After reflecting on sex, relationships failed, chances lost AND the fear of ending up alone forever, shouldn’t we wonder  WHAT ABOUT THIS THAT HAS ME TAKING, BUT NOT EMBRACING? 


  1. Perhaps sex was created in order for us mere mortals to have a taste of true heaven here on earth.

  2. I guess that I should consider myself very fortunate in that I have been blessed with the ability to enjoy sex primarily for the amazing physical experience that it is.

    To me, sex is not a tool with which to punish myself or anyone else. I've never felt guilty about anything or anybody I've done and though every experience didn't rock my world, I hope that each encounter was as pleasant for my partner as it was for me.

    1. We think SO much alike when it comes to sex.




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