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Monday, 20 February 2012


Week three, two queens gone and eleven to go. This week there was a really incredible special guest, PIYAH MARTELL who is a YouTube star. Piyah rose to fame on YouTube because she lip syncs and makes amazing music video in drag, but she has no legs. Hers is a story of triumph and it was a really great moment.

The mini challenge this week is to create a headpiece with a butterfly theme for her to wear in her next YouTube video. Phi Phi, Kenya & Jiggly won the mini challenge, but because Phi Phi and Kenya won a coin toss, they were the team captains for the main challenge…Infomercials for two Ru’s albums: Glamazon & Champion. The captain each chose their teams and surprisingly, LaQueen was chosen last. Um…didn’t she win last week’s challenge? Why was she picked last? And the clincher, Kenya didn’t even want her. She threw a little shade towards her too saying Puerto Rico was not happy with her, so she didn’t want her. HA! Just sprinkling that shade over the show, I’m starting to like Kenya a bit ;)

The infomercials this year were like the exercise videos from last year. Really campy, taking on character and trying to sell a product. Phi Phi’s team took on Champion, and while it was a bit of a mess Sharon and Phi Phi were the standouts. Kenya’s team (with leadership by Milan who kept complaining about a Kenya’s language barrier.) were ok. LaQueer did the spanish thing, as did Kenya and where Yara Sophia’s last year was hilarious, this year it didn’t work that well.

On the runway, the girls had to wear Gold and Platinum (get it…like album sales) and Ru walked out looking better than I have ever seen her. Her hooded slinky dress was STUNNING! I want one in every colour! The looks were good, Chad Michaels was incredible, and Phi Phi‘s was hot too. They were safe along with Milan, Jiggly and Latrice. LaQueer wore a weird alien thing and took off her shoes at judging (tsk tsk) and Sharonrocked a sickening glittered Elvis head peice. Sharon won the challenge while Dida and The Princess landed in the bottom two. Sorry Princess, in my opinion it’s time to go. Dida turned out one of the best lip sync’s the show has ever had…period. It was FLAWLESS! And it was an easy choice for Ru, bye bye Princess.

It’s a real shame because I though she really had something, but sadly she didn’t stand out from the crowd. It takes more than makeup and a fierce bald head to win this show…you need personality and sass!

Until next week :)



  1. Been waiting for this post lol, I have one question, why is Willam still there?

    As much as I agree with The Princess going home, I am just over Willam and his look.

    And I hope that this will light a fire under Dita Ritz ass


    1. I have a feeling Willam will be going home SOON!

      I didn't want The Princess to go home, but hey what can I do?

      Yeah Dita needs to step it UP!

  2. I'm totally smitten with Latrice Royale... Elegant,and CLASSY queen in the Divine tradition. I could just lay my weary head on her bosom and cuddle up in the warmth of her soul.

  3. I was just about to say that about Latrice, even though I'm a Sharon Needles fan, I am totally smitten with Latrice VERY WELL POLISHED, funny and sweet.

    EAT IT!

    1. I can't wait to see this week's episode seems like Latrice brought it!

  4. Oh and BTW off topic I see on the "Buy The DVD" section you have Eating OUT "Drama Camp" do you recommend it, Ive seen the others in the franchise but not this one TY

    1. It is just as crazy as the others so I say get it!




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