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Monday, 24 October 2011



HIM says: I so flippin' horny
ME says: sending a man yr way...
ME says: lol
HIM says: Who
U laffin I so serious
ME says: Terrance
HIM says: I bin molesting myself for too fuckin' long
He een here
ME says: that's all u should be trying to get
HIM says: Ummm he een here n I need to fuck
ME says: i c
HIM says: Throwing that righteous shit out da window right now
ME says: I hear ya
HIM says: I'm not as fortunate as u to live with my lover
ME says: even if noel didn't live with me
HIM says: N get sex when I horny
ME says: I wouldn't be trying to get sex elsewhere
HIM says: Hmmm
Well I'm not going to deprive myself of sex coz he don't want have sex
ME says: then u should leave
b free and get sex whenever u want
If u have to hide it from him
U know it isn't right
But get yrs
Make sure use condoms
HIM says: I always do
Even with him
ME says: OK

Now before you take the position that MANY other gays take (you have a LOVING relationship, so you don’t understand) don’t you ever wonder why we  as human beings confuse naming a thing with knowing it? For instance, how does a gay man REALLY know love? Is it the word? Is it two people (in this case Noel and I) that just happen to respect each other @ the highest level? Or is it action that can ONLY exist when we get horny?

It couldn’t be that element whose survival is dependent upon a fragile ecological balance, a perfect blend of minerals, sunlight, weather, and, ultimately, sub-atomic particles that have been zipping around since the birth of the universe, right? I TOTALLY get where he is coming from and it is my hope that one day he can STOP carving his idea of love it into small pieces, that were sent to a love factory, shaped it into a love and shipped to a store. One day he can see love for it REALLY is…something that should NOT be purchase OR beg for.

I will not judge him, I just hope that he knows that one day as he ventures into the jungle to begin his hunt, donning a mask to confuse his prey. Not a mask meant to frighten, a mask that is pleasant to eyes that makes him think what he is doing is harmless so he can get close and strike a lethal blow that is hiding his selfish façade will crack. For the mask that camouflages a predator can camouflage his ‘prey’ as well and he can find himself being devoured and torn apart with NO one to hear his screams but Noel and I. We all know that the jungle is accustomed to the sounds of agony that just bodies love leaving it barely alive, with just a little strength where it can crawl back to its village where, to its horror, it discovers that its ‘prey’ has taken possession of its hut. Now helpless and homeless, love will be forced to live the rest of its days in the wild, feeding what the scum beneath the scum feeds on…

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