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Thursday, 08 September 2011


Jason Momoa stars in this remake of the classic Conan, the Barbarian.Forged on the battlefield and a witness to the murder of his father and devastation of his village,  Conan inevitably grows up to be a warrior who sets out to take revenge.

The Cemerian warrior's quest for revenge soon turns out to be an epic battle for the future of the nations of Hyboria.

What's Good About the Movie: The first 20  minutes or so with Conan as a young, fearless and uninhabited boy were some of the more entertaining scenes of the movie and the movie probably         provided enough gory fight scenes to appease some fans.

The casting of Jason Momoa as Conan was a good job as he commanded the screen with his physical presence (more so his physique) and did the best with the material he had to work with.

What's Bad about the Movie: The plot was fairly weak and predictable with nothing major to offer the audience in terms of surprise plot twists, or any great conflicts or story line.

There was no credible special or visual effects that warranted this movie being offered in 3D which seems to be a trend among most of the movies released in this format. Suffice it to say that this is indicative of the shameless greed of the studios.

Overall Grade: C-, Chiseled physique and all couldn't save this barbarian.


  1. True to the proverbial: "Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby!" However, the images of the modern Conan are, well,...intriguing?




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