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Friday, 10 June 2011


The best way to KEEP A GAY MAN DOWN is for HIM to deny that he exists. Hence, the greatest LIE ever told; tell society that we don’t exist and we become a figment of our own imagination. Admitting to oneself that he LIKES or have an ATTRACTION for another MAN is one of the hardest things in this world. The issues that HOMOSEXUALS face on daily basis are now in the forefront of the world today and the things being said are not least bit flattering. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of STRENGTH and COURAGE to embrace ones SEXUALITY. 

I understand the need for hesitance and apprehension; however many MEN do not understand that this simply is a TRANSITIONAL phase and this too shall pass. My coming out was not by choice, I was never given the chance to find out what a closet is all about; but I would not change a single thing. The path that was laid before me was one that had been chosen for me and I am just living it. This makes me believe that ALL men that are a part of this community to whatever degree want to be ACCEPTED. The thing is that MEN that deny who they are have no clue where they belong and this further complicates things because the WORLD has placed this need to be NORMAL. So this then begs to ask WHAT IS NORMAL? 

If only these MEN could understand that being, GAY does not define who you are or make you any less of a person, then they wouldn’t choose to keep themselves down. Because of their fear, they would not associate with persons that have accepted themselves and they surround themselves with persons that further causes more harm to them. This harm comes in a package titled CHRISTIANITY. This movement has had such a negative depiction of sex that occurs between persons of the SAME SEX that we are still living this legacy even though many of us know better. It is still SAD that MEN cannot see pass what is being done them; how can a movement that is presumably for the betterment of ALL of US focus on just one main issue? How can they TRULY be justified in their thinking and motive? One almost never hear of this movement say anything about the ethics revolving around HEALTH, WAGES or other SOCIAL ISSUES. It is as if these topics do not involve serious ethical questions at all. Yet most MEN let this dictate who they are and what they do. THEY ALLOW A GROUP OF PERSONS TO MAKE THEMSELVES SUPERIOR & THEY FEEL INFERIOR. I WONDER WHY THEY WOULD CHOOSE TO ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE PUT DOWN IN A WAY THAT TOTALLY AFFECTS THEIR LIVES?

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