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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


There's a wonderful story about a learned man who went to see a Zen master to debate the merits of Zen. The master poured him a cup of tea, and purposely kept pouring so the tea ran over the cup and spilled onto the table. The man was startled and asked the master what he was doing. The Zen master replied, "You are like this cup, too full of your own opinions to receive anything else." Now I'd like to ask everyone reading this blog to empty yourselves of all your opinions, beliefs, fears, hopes, resentments and desires for just one moment. Just let them all go... empty your cup. Good. Some call this emptiness NIRVANA, attained by years of meditation. I would suggest that there's another path to attain this state of emptiness: write 365 blog entries in 365 days produce twenty-four sitcom episodes in thirty-five weeks. Which is the origin of another Zen riddle: if no one sees a blogger celebrate life, is it really a celebration? 

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