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Monday, 09 May 2011


Can commitment to career coexist with the development of soul in the corporate world? We do not need to deny our spiritual selves while focusing on being at the office, even though working while walking the path of ascension can be extremely challenging. Commitment to a career can coexist peacefully with commitment to the development of the soul when we approach each with balance and determination.

Careers can tend to take up a great deal of time you might otherwise devote to your own awakening, so make the most of the free hours at your disposal by using your breaks to walk in nature or write in your journal. If you schedule healings, bodywork, and other therapeutic activities on Friday, you give yourself the gift of an unhurried and restful weekend of rejuvenation. You can create a spiritually aware workspace by adorning your desk or office with sacred objects such as a Buddha or a candle that have meaning to you. If decoration is not permitted in your workplace, your supervisor may allow you to display a small item associated with your life path if you explain its significance. Your workplace may not always meet your best expectations, but living with imperfection can also be a wonderful spiritual exercise. Remember that you can strive for excellence in your own existence without asking your coworkers to exemplify perfection. They, too, are human beings doing all they can to grow in spite of that humanity, and they can support you when your path becomes difficult.

In many companies, there is a spiritual reality tied in closely into the corporate culture. It is your choice whether you want to integrate the spirit of your workplace into your own divine practices or participate in this reality on a superficial level. However you proceed, realize that the spiritual values you hold dear need not be at odds with the energy of your place of employment. As an employee, your spiritual self is one of the diverse strengths you bring to the table. Simply by approaching projects, goals, and interpersonal relations in the workplace with intention, you can pursue individual fulfillment while also doing your part to gently promote a healthy and harmonious working environment. 

Spirituality in general, and in the workplace in particular, has become an important topic in recent years. Spirituality in the workplace is more than a passing fancy; it is changing the fundamental nature of work. Individuals are searching for meaning in their work, a meaning that transcends mere economic gain. These individuals are looking to their organizational leaders to help them in their search, and organizations in turn are being challenged to maintain a spirituality. A study of the mission statements of the 28 US Jesuit universities reveals that maintaining an organizational spirituality is no easy task.


  1. Work and spirituality share concepts like responsibility, meaning, goal and accomplishment, and they should go hand in hand. just look at how the monks or nuns of any religion organize their lives around both.





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