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Friday, 27 May 2011


As life speeds ahead we slow down and when this happens we go through changes that can tell another where you are in your life. In the HOMOSEXUAL community we are a bunch of BODY conscious WHORES that base OUR entire being on how we look in another’s eyes. I find it interesting how little we think of ourselves by seeking someone else’s view of what they feel is ATTRACTIVE and SEXY. I find this demon somewhat liberating because it forces US to go within and seek what is important.

It is bad enough that we are CRITICAL of bodies, but it’s even worse when we allow someone else to make us feel worst because they feel that our body isn’t up to THEIR standards. But in the REAL world no one has a perfect body, we may look at others and desire their bodies, but even the most perfect looking person that oozes sex appeal is not completely what he appears to be. It ultimately boils down to confidence, self-perception and self-esteem, which makes US happy or unhappy. We need to understand that a large part of feeling good about our bodies has to start with a healthy mind. This is where our confidence first shows us that we are okay with who are and what we look like; especially when others are watching.

I am confident and happy with myself and I hate when others don’t share that sentiment about themselves and try to show up someone else. So beyond possibly producing the PERFECT BODY to which others expect us to have, we have to know exactly why we want to take on a false persona. This world requires confidence and self-belief because the more aware an individual is of themselves, the more they understand themselves. As a result they are able to change the behavior and attitudes of themselves and others. It is vitally important that one recognize their strengths and the weakness of others. Don’t allow others to hold you back because they feel that you are not up to their standard because anyone can get a BODY, they just have to work HARD for it. SO THE NEXT TIME YOU ARE SOMEWHERE & SOMEONE SAYS YOU HAVE PUT ON WEIGHT or YOU ARE TOO SKINNY JUST SMILE, BECAUSE @ THAT MOMENT YOU CAN TAKE THE NEGATIVE ENERGY & REPLACE IT WITH GOOD, HEALTH & POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

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