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Sunday, 24 April 2011


A 16-year-old raised by her father to be a cold-hearted killing machine must learn how to be a girl. Raised by her father, an ex-CIA man, in the wilds of Finland, Hanna's upbringing and training have been one and the same, all geared to making her the perfect assassin. The turning point in her adolescence is a sharp one; sent into the world by her father on a mission, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan- The Lovely Bones) journeys stealthily across Europe while eluding agents dispatched after her by a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own. As she nears her ultimate target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence and unexpected questions about her humanity.

What's Good About the Movie:

An amazing cast delivers a first rate performance. From the talented Saoirse Ronan who is cast in the lead role to the simply brilliant Cate Blanchett who played evil and sinister with perfection in the role of CIA agent Marissa- deliver engaging and believable performances.

A well developed and clear storyline that keeps the viewer on a thrilling and exhilarating ride throughout the film.

What's Bad about the Movie:

The movie ended on a bit of a low note and was a bit anti-climatic.

Overall Grade: A-, Good sound film-making with an amazing cast.


  1. can't wait to watch this movie.

  2. I'm with you on this one Gayte. It was a great film. The only negative is the ending. I'm thinking sequel.:)




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