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Friday, 15 April 2011


  1. Isn't sad that we have come such a long way, but there is still quite a distance to go until that multi-colored rainbow reaches that pot of golden inclusiveness?
  2. Why does the subject of homosexuality still provokes snickers and giggles?
  3. Why is the heterosexual community reluctant to embrace those who have a different sexual preference?
  4. Isn’t it time that educators recognize that teaching gays to remain in the closet is educationally unsound, emotionally damaging and violative of their human dignity?
  5. How sad is it that we would prefer to sit here and applaud the progress made by the gay movement than point to the homophobia that surrounds it?
  6. Why is that when someone from talks of societal decline they usually revolve around things people do to enjoy themselves, having sex, taking drugs, and watching violent movies?
  7. I often wonder why everyone around me is so boring, in slow motion and interchangeable?
  8. Isn’t it sad that no one knows what to do with themselves, and they are all open to suggestions?
  9. How much longer do you think homosexuality will be considered a phase?
  10. Isn’t it sad how this large misconception has spawn the suppression of homosexuals?
  11. Why do persons believe that ALL GAY MEN WILL DIE OF A. I. D. S.?
  12. When will they learn the REAL facts?
  13. Did you know that not all gay men are concerned with just sex?
  14. Why are we associated with sexual addiction and promiscuity?
  15. Do you think the world knows that not all gay are feminine?
  16. Do you think that they know that they are only a percentage of the gay population?
  17. So why does the media portray gay men as overly effeminate?
  18. Do you think the world knows that our community is just as diverse as any other?
  19. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have the power to make a man gay, why does the world believe this notion?
  20. Did you know that gay men actually have long and productive relationships?
  21. Do you know that there are men out there that want to spend their lives together?


  1. i think the answer to most of your questions is most straight people are idiots. if they keep this greater than though attitude then it makes them feel better about themselves. superior if you will. even though we know otherwise.
    i have a question. why is it that when you put a straight man (of any race) in prison, he has sex with other men? and his excuse is he has needs or that everybody is doing it so why not him too.. but i bet if you could put a gay man in a woman's prison he would never have sex. or if you took all the men out of the world and there was only one gay man left. i bet he still would not have a desire to have sex with women?
    and we are considered the weak ones? no matter how horny i get women don't appeal to me.

  2. can you edit my post.. i meant "thou" not though..lol..and i probably should have thrown a comma in between "questions" and "is"..




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