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Monday, 14 March 2011


Life and death come @ different levels or degrees. The polarities go from light to the other extreme of deep or total darkness. The question arises, is life possible while one carries some form of death inside them? The answer is yes, but the greater the death, in its many forms; the more affected the ability to life unselfishly. Untainted life is like an energy that is as clear as a warm cloudless day and star filled night.

Oneʼs ability to live deeply is obstructed by unresolved issues with events that we feel we are detached from. Life is one of ʻkarmaʼsʼ or consequences following us as time go on and living unmarred by negativity is unavoidable. The good news for all is that in the deep layers of the authentic self, the same reservoir of life is available. Even if those carrying negative energy have to use greater awareness and openness of finding ways to access that pool of energy, which some find easy, but may even take for granted. To be free, is to feel alive @ any point in life, where negativities are always an opportunity to convert to positive energy. Life is freedom. As a cloud rains in the clearing skies, a rainbow of life always appears.


  1. Interesting! I suppose that since we die a little bit each day there is a way to carry death inside the living. Of course this is just an hypothesis. Physical vs the soul.




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