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Thursday, 10 March 2011


Is it hard to believe that a gay man cannot cheat? This blog entry is a continuation of a blog entry that I wrote a while back..(soft of) I ask this question because a good female friend of mine made me question myself about this when she asked if I was cheating on Noel. Now before I get into why she asked me that let me say that I have NO desire to know what anyone else is like sexually, emotionally or anything that pulls me away from what I have with Noel. Shit I can’t even have a proper dream about f&cking someone else, for some odd reason I can’t complete the deed and I wake feeling like shit until I come to realize it was just a dream, but I digress. My friend asked me this question because last week I went to lunch with a friend of mine they don’t know and she feels that gay men are VERY promiscuous (her words). Now I can understand her question because one never really know what goes on in a relationship with two people, but I can’t help but feel a bit hurt because for all the praise Noel and I get for our relationship from her, how can my going to one little lunch with a friend make her think I am cheating on Noel?

If there is ANYTHING about me people should know, they should know that I am not the type of man that put up fronts for others. If I want to f&ck someone else, I would do it and NOT involve Noel in it! I get that when we have been hurt, we tend to make statements that generalize an entire community and it is EXTREMELY difficult to isolate each incident of infidelity. However the ‘all men are liars, all women are cheaters and all gay men are cheaters’ mantra doesn’t work for me. How did the expectation of cheating become the norm? Should I ask her to hold Noel and I accountable OUR actions and NOT beat us with the same stick she uses for ALL gay me? After all, cheating is sadly a universal trait that is not specific to sexual orientation and I feel that people like her need to STOP making assumptions that all or most gay men are cheaters and/or liars. 


  1. We've been known to be whores. LOL Seriously I think people just assume that all of us that are gay are promiscuous.




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