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Monday, 07 February 2011


Today is that day, where we can make the biggest difference in the lives of Black People everywhere. It's National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and now is the time for us to get educated about HIV/AIDS in our local communities; get tested and know our status; get involved in leadership roles within our locales to be a part of the decision making for resources and information disseminated to our people; and lastly - get treated for those newly testing HIV+ or those who have not accessed treatment services or information.

We have to pause today and let this be the first day of a long journey where we invoke the act that Black Life matters. Nobody is disposable. It is going to take the entire village of Black People in the Diaspora to help turn this epidemic around. 

Think about what we have been through, 300+ years of slavery, the largest Black Holocaust and yet we are still here. We are the people who refuse to die. Don't think not thinking about HIV; not looking at someone who you know has it; or not talking about it will make it go away.

Join in the fight and let us join hands, hearts and minds and carry the message of prevention, care and treatment safely to future generations to come. 

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