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Friday, 26 November 2010


So, let’s assume that when I saw my ex boss’s wife yesterday driving in here luxury 2006 vehicle all smiles ALL knowing that the husband she took to the altar in front of a PRIEST, GOD FAMILY, FRIENDS & A FEW DEAD PERSONS knows that she married a MAN THAT IS VERY MUCH A HOMOSEXUAL. I have one overarching question: Will it make a difference? I guess my answer is NO it doesn’t because she is still with him. I wonder why though, why isn’t his LOVE for a GOOD D!CK N’ ASS don’t deter her from saying I DO? Why isn’t his sexual activity concerning her? Am I the one whose sexual ideology is RIGID & F&CKED UP? 

In short: Is she awake and I am asleep? In other words, will her actions be enough to flip some sort of switch in the rigid Christian mind-set and slap them out of their ideological coma and maybe begin to tip the scales back toward, oh, I don't know…let's say open-mindedness, generosity of spirit, homosexual acceptance and an understanding that God doesn't give a F&CK about what we do SEXUALLY! He knows why it exist, it’s only us that live in the dark…not knowing where the light is. What if one night in a deep sleep much like the nativity story GOD spoke to her and told her to STAY with her husband and LOVE him no matter what! What if GOD I don’t know knew this was her path to walk and reassured her that this it is all apart of HIS PLAN. Funny how GOD in all his wisdoms knows his creation and he knows that we are simple beings that WE have vices that grip us and we can’t let go even if we could…

It is like some sort of drug. It's like crystal meth and we just can’t get enough. Do you think that one lady could change the way the world view her husband? I mean think about it she knows this man been with him for years why can’t her judgment be sound? Do you think the world can get pass this ‘REPULSIVE SIN?’ HELL NO! She like her husband will constantly wish that the world would say: Hey, you know what, maybe this gay love thing we've all been railing about and making laws against and rending our flesh over for so long, well, maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all. Funny how I thought this when I saw her and how sad that you will NEVER see her stand up for GAY RIGHTS! So he has to pretend to be ‘THE VAGINA LOVING HUSBAND TO HIS I AM A MARRIED WOMAN NOW WIFE.’

I wish that WE could use this as a cosmic sign, as a big rainbow-colored warning flag that maybe; just maybe we need to look at this gay issue with a little more love and a little less nauseating pseudo-spiritual homophobic dogma. Maybe now is the time to rethink this hateful ideology that has kept us so deep in fear and mistrust and sexual agony for so long. Wonder if either one of them would get up and shout THANK YOU JESUS!? Can you imagine if he had the nerve, the brass the F&CKING balls to stand his GAY ASS up and say: OK PEOPLE, HERE’S THE DEAL: ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT I ALLOWED THE WORLD TO MAKE ME, I’VE LIED TO MYSELF AND TOOK HOME A SHITTY D!CK & THE TASTE OF MEN ON MANY OCCASIONS TO MY WIFE. Wouldn’t it be nice if our own PRIME MINISTER came out of the closet? How about the SELF-RIGHTEOUS PASTOR? Can I get an AMEN for the woman that gets an orgasm and fugal matter in her PUSSY? Can we give them a break?

I THINK IT’S TIME FOR THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND THAT SEX IS OPEN ENDED AND THAT THE VANILLA SEX JUST AIN’T WORKING…Is it worth it to fight and jam homophobia down the throats of those that fought like hell to make the world more uptight and insular and afraid of its own genitalia? I have to say this: THERE REALLY IS NOTHING @ ALL WRONG WITH FEELING DEEP SEXUAL LOVE FOR ANOTHER MAN. ACTUALLY IT’S QUITE A BEAUTIFUL THING, RICH & REWARDING…FULL OF GOD, LIFE & LOVE. IT’S NOT A SIN! IT’S NOT A THREAT TO MARRIAGE, CHILDREN, HUMANITY OR YOUR MACHO RIMS…HE IS AN EXAMPLE THAT THIS LIFE CAN WORK, WHETHER SHE KNOWS OR NOT, SHE SEEMS COMFORTABLE…I MEAN WHAT IS SHE TO DO? She is fighting an issue that’s bigger than she; she is living a life that’s going on all over the world. Whatever the reason he married her; he should have been strong enough to realize that what he is something very special. If he felt pressured to be a MAN or just couldn’t deal with his own HOMOPHOBIA that doesn’t give him a right to make a decision that affects another person’s life in this way. 

HOW CAN SHE FACE HER FAMILY, HER FRIENDS…HERSELF? Why not live like me and embrace your sexuality? Why F&CK in the dark and seek some PUSSY for some light? Why go through the motions and get married to a WOMAN? This life is hard enough and if one doesn’t possess strong qualities then they are lost. I think that society needs to foster positive images of LOVE, society needs to ensure that we have persons out there that know its okay to be alone…especially WOMEN. There is such a tremendous pressure for them to find LOVE by any means necessary…there are some draw backs but hey if he’s a LAWYER, DOCTOR, ACCOUNTANT OR ANY EXECUTIVE YOU HAVE ARRIVED! You will get the world on a platter; funny how you can have the world and still not have LOVE…IT WOULD BE NICE IF SHE DIDN’T JUST HAVE HALF OF A MAN BECAUSE ALL SHE HAS ARE THE THINGS HE BOUGHT FOR HER…ALL SHE HAVE IS THE WISHFUL THOUGHTS OF LOVE FROM A MAN THAT CAN’T EVEN LOVE HIMSELF, ALL HE CAN DO IS DESTROY AND HURT…BUT I GUESS THIS LIFE ISN’T FOREVER SO RIDE THE WAVE & ENJOY BEING THE WIFE OF A GAY MAN!


  1. This all to common and familiar these days, but still it continues to happen. The truth shall set them free. Interesting post to say the least.





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