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Sunday, 10 October 2010


On Sunday we celebrate the date 10-10-10, a symbol of new beginnings that we are so ready for. We want to find a new life purpose, new relationships, new ways of being and more joy. So we welcome this opportunity with open arms and an open heart. New beginnings are available as long as we are willing to create space for them, which we do by allowing their corresponding endings to occur. Every new beginning we ask for is the door that opens when another closes. We cannot begin without also ending.

Why don't we welcome endings with the same joy as we do beginnings? Because we think they involve sacrifice, suffering, pain and discomfort. When something ends we have to do without, start over or acknowledge a failure. Endings show us how things did not work out, where we could not succeed at something or where our expectations were not met. And endings disrupt the flow of our lives, as they compel us to look in other directions, point out our shortcomings and work on ourselves.

While that is what we may believe, that is not what endings are about. Endings give us closure, confirmation and support on our next steps. They are signs that we are ready for something else and the only painful thing about them is when we do not allow them to occur.

There is a law of physics which states that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. And this is so true of endings and beginnings. When we ask for something new, it takes the place of something that already exists. So we have to release the old to make room for the new. That's easy enough to do when it's something we do not care about but when it is important to us, the ending has become personal, a testimonial of who we are and a sign that we failed or lost. Allowing it to end means that a part of us ends too and if we are not ready to detach from it, let it go or have judgments then our endings will be quite disruptive and painful.

On this date and on future dates like it, for there will be more waves of the energy of new beginnings as more shifts occur, we open more energetic portals and step into higher dimensions, we will be asked to make room for new beginnings by allowing endings to occur. Are we as open to the ending as we are the beginning?

Along with any new beginning that you experience on October 10, 2010 and afterwards, give yourself the gift of an ending. This could be an actual ending, a symbolic ending or an affirmation to release something that you know does not serve you. Could you be more confident, positive, happy, grateful, self assured, or loving or appreciative of yourself? Imagine the ending as the closing door that allows the new beginning to enter.

If you want to be more confident or successful, release any guilt, shame or other blocks that prevent you from expressing your full potential.

To be happy, close the door on an unhappy experience that you hold in your memory.

To create love, be grateful for every unloving teacher you have had, for their purpose was to help you find love within yourself.

To know your new life purpose, embrace where you are in this moment and everything you have learned.

To be at peace, be grateful for every experience of chaos and that you have the power to choose the energies that manifest in your life.

Embrace your new potential as you give yourself the gift of the endings that make beginnings possible.

Many blessings in these amazing, miraculous times.


  1. This is most appropriate for this day (10/10/10). I couldn't understand why this morning I was feeling so strange, I thought perhaps it was due to the strange warm weather we're experiencing here in the Midwest.

    The past twenty four hours have been puzzling, I couldn't rest and many things bad and good ran through my head. Now I know why; it is time to bring closure to those things and open up to new beginnings.

    Moving forward, I'm assuring myself
    that I will cast aside those less than favorable memories and open up to accepting things that will bring me joy and stability.

    When a door is closed a window is opened.

  2. Great post - beginnings are exciting, full of hope, and the destruction of fear...endings can be the same! Either way - endings make us reflect and learn - maybe we become a better person, someone changed!

    I tend to think of life as neither beginning or end - I just be! But yes - some parts of my life are projects with beginnings and ends - but I do hate limiting myself this way!





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