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Sunday, 11 July 2010


I was asked to post this on my blog via a VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE so I HAD to oblige. Though the focus is on Bahamians, I am sure that many of us out there can take something from this message. And it reads: 

... Bahamians let us remember that independence is nothing but a date in time if we have not liberated and empowered ourselves in our mind space ...in our cognition - only we can do this from an intraspective place!

...let us strive for a society in which we are tolerant of each other... See More’s views sans the isms and marginalization of minority groups: [gays and lesbians, namely but not limited to the haitian, jamaican migrants (legal and illegal), our brothers and sisters living with hiv/aids, those who exist within the ‘lower’ socio economic class, those who are not functionally literate and or educated per say and those who worship a different god other than the popular christian god or those who worship none at all] ....we are all empowered beings and the authors of our own consciousness - this NO man can legislate! 

our number one industry is philosophically our human resources not tourism – this industry must be developed through self analyzing, critique and sheer will ...when this is enacted then we can lend ourselves to the tenants of this number one industry as an improved product – we are a gregarious and warm people ...this should translate into community networking and national empowerment !

... long after the fireworks and protocol presentations flaunt, we must still cohabitate our tiny islands in a spirit of unity and love if we are to progress ...this will in turn reverse the current brain drain by quelling politicization equal opportunity and create a society in which citizens are rewarded on merit, it will quell the hypereligious culture that we have created that has spawned monsters in religious ‘leaders’ who masquerade as our shepards - it will dismantle any self serving organization namely the likes of the bahamas christian council who continue to censor taxpaying/law abiding citizens in our democratic society 

...i long for the day when i can celebrate the bahamas that i just imagined ...i too am trying to do better – we as bahamians must hold each other up - then and only then will our pledge, motto and national anthem be personified when we almost instinctively verbalize the words... 

...finally, she is a gift sprawled out over miles and miles of the most beautiful backdrop anywhere in the world, let us keep her pure and allow her to flaunt her natural and exquisite beauty in its purity - she is a beauty indeed – justifiably conceited! ...let us foster concern for our environment and ensure that we preserve her for generations to come -as of now we are the generation on watch ...yes?

in the words of the great bahamian timothy gibson - author of our national anthem: 'Til the road you've trod lead unto your God, MARCH ON, BAHAMALAND!


  1. Many things come to mind: self preservation, taking a stance, love for self, others and the land known as Bahamaland.


  3. great...this should be published to the guardian, tribune..etc.




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