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Sunday, 06 June 2010


In the same way that religion drowns out the reality check saying that not questioning anything is right, it drowns out the reality check saying that HATING homosexual folks is wrong…And how wonderful it is to see how ‘God’ fearing folks live when they are VULNERABLE to such fraud! When people are taught that believing things without proof or evidence makes you a good person, they become far more vulnerable to fraud, manipulation, and deception. So is it any surprise that when a man like me (anti-religious, homosexual) encourages the ‘God’ fearing folks to let go of what religion has taught them because it is MUCH better to trust their feelings, I, the unholy homosexual become THE synonym for ‘sinner.’

Now they in turn compete with me the ‘sinner’ because of years of both religious and societal influences that have shaped things thus far, but if they were to examine their beliefs, they would notice that they are ONLY as righteous as I am hell bound…meaning because of their ignorance towards us, it seems as if they simply CANNOT exist if we didn’t…How else would you explain religious leaders in America protesting the funerals of fallen soliders? I get the fear; I REALLY do, but why fear me because I embrace the fullness of who I am as an individual? Is it because you aren’t getting my weekly offering to the collection plate? Has to be…RIGHT? I mean it is between the universe and I how I decide to live my life as an adult .…But I suppose it is only natural that the pendulum swings out of balance so that we may have the experience of what is it like to live a life based on something man made.

What kind of ‘God’ would regard hatred, envy, criticism, and judgment as things to be proud of? We are all gifts from the universe and though we may not like each other, we should ACCEPT the fact that we need each other and that is the ONLY thing that frees the soul. So many of us trust in a higher power for everything, then accept man’s word…C’mon we all MUST exist for a reason…RIGHT? Too often we reject the wonderful array of humans on this planet because we believe that who they are or what they represent serves NO purpose or is at odds with what ‘God’ wants. Most of the religious folks go to church, but do NOT lose themselves in spirituality because there is NO value in it, if it isn’t done how religious leaders say it ought to be done…It is precisely because so much of life is inescapably UNEXPLAINED, that we should look to every part of society to find out as much as we can about our spiritual selves.

Nonetheless, religious barriers have given me the freedom to pursue my development apart from those whose approval I don’t seek out. I know that as the worlds evolve, lives gradually become entwined, but I will not disregard the barrier because to do so is to sacrifice my independence. It is my respect for the fact that our lives exist independently of the lives of others that allows me to set spiritual boundaries, to explore my interests and capabilities even when those close to me do not understand their prejudices. I relentlessly fight the temptation to follow the religious crowd and I fear that others don’t because they want to be liked, accepted, and admired…all to the approval of others. So when they assume that their standards are the same as those they align with, they do themselves a disservice because they are NOT examining their own intentions. Each of us is a piece of a larger puzzle. I don’t know about you, but when I see religious folks protesting Gay Rights, I will smile because they don’t realize that we put the “R” in religion…


  1. You said: "why fear me because I embrace the fullness of who I am as an individual?“

    The answer is unequivocally YES!
    The Church doesn’t like for people to grow up because it cannot control grown ups.

    That’s why the church preaches “born again;” when you’re born again you’re still a child.

    People don’t need to be born again; people need to accept their responsibility in the world.”

    You're an intelligent, gay, black, male; the church must relentlessly attempt to destroy you before you destroy it through enlightening the naive masses. Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree; as long as they fail to recognize that we are after the same things, they will continue to do themselves a disservice.






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