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Sunday, 07 March 2010


I am the type of man that can accept the choices I make and the things I believe; and contrary to popular belief, I do NOT believe that I am going to hell for being in LOVE with man. The MANY that are SO sure that they are right that they cannot conceive anything else happening to me. However, my question to them is what happens if you are wrong? What if your god does NOT punish me? Do you accept your mistake and say you were brain wash and claim religious ignorance? 

It would be REAL interesting for me to see them try doing away with the false programming that dictated to them what is right and wrong. Can you hear them say that they were VERY vulnerable and that the things they were told simply became embedded deeply influencing behavior throughout their lives? After spending SO much time hating on folks like me, how does their god give them what they are SO sure he isn’t going to give us? Wasn’t it they who allowed religion to make them believe they'll be rewarded with infinite bliss in the afterlife with NO way to prove whether or not this true? 

Though I don’t agree with their beliefs, I get why they wouldn’t/couldn’t question or examine them…But to go through life believing that their God must hate certain folks should be MORE than enough reason to do so. Moreover, how can such a belief be accepting when it is based on oppression and injustice? No matter how one looks @ it, claiming ignorance later and living in it now does NOT excuse what it has done to us that are “hell bound!” I know that I beat this dead horse religiously, but I can’t help but ask when are they going to see that religion just short-circuits their brains?


  1. It is not only that their short-sighted view makes them do unfair and unjust things to other human beings, but it is also the fact that God is the only one who can pass judgement and by doing this they have hijacked God's realm.
    Do they think that by sticking a penis into a vagina the Lord looks favorably upon them?
    Thanks for the comments... saludos,raulito.

  2. It's funny how as we weren't brought up to be gay, many of them were brought up to be that religious. If only they could stop and think and realize how their religion has been turned into a parody after two thousand years.

  3. I'm a little confused by your questions actually. I mean the questions you are asking, are only questions that can be answered on Judgment Day...and if you are hypothetically asking these question and they find out they are wrong, God isn't going to be like Christians you were wrong now go back and retry it over, and Christians have to relive knowing they were wrong about their views and debate their future actions. If God tells them they are wrong, they would have no other choice but accept them, or face the same afterlife they have been saying about Gays for years...Hell.

    I just confused of what your hypothetical questions and situation is...Did God come back or what?...Has Judgment Day came?...Does life regroup after Judgment Day?
    You make it sound like the President of a company has change of the Goal and Structure of the company...and how are the workers going to figure out how to regroup and operate in the new company structure. If Christians or any other religious group find out from God they were wrong, then trust God will also give them a plan, of what they need to do to rectify.

    I think you have landed in the issue without going into the issue. I think the huge issue isn't whether Christians are right or any other religious group is right on the Homosexual issue...I mean it is a big issue, but the bigger issue is the Hate issue.

    Regardless of how someone lives their life, you are not supposed to hate them. God doesn't hate, the bible doesn't say to hate gays. That to me is the issue! Christians will say they don't hate, but actions dictate...Sometimes dictate, other.

    In your hypothetical scenario, the question should be...If your God tells you were wrong on the views of homosexuality, how did you treat the person you thought of being a huge sinner?
    Regardless of how you feel about the sin or multitude of sins a person commits and lives in, you are still suppose to love the sinner.

    You don't have to like the sin, tolerate the sin or the sinner for that matter, but you are still suppose to love and show love to the person who is the sinner, point blank...That is the issue at hand that certain religions need to address.

  4. Yes Religious Folk can claim ingnorance especially, in reference to the gay issue/lifestyle.




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