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Monday, 08 March 2010


Anal sex is just one of those things…either you LOVE it or…There is very little in between. Both men and woman have tried it @ some point, and a fair few of them actually enjoy it. People love to be a little bit naughty sometimes, and anal sex is one of those things you can do completely privately, and nobody will ever know you were naughty except you and your partner. However for many, anal sex has a tang of taboo attached to it and I remember overhearing conversations about this activity. During these conversations the ONE thing that stood out is EVERYONE was in agreement that if a hetero man has anal sex, then he can do it with a male…Do you think that’s true? Do you believe that anal sex belongs to homosexual men alone?


  1. I'm not sure if I believe anal Sex belongs to homosexual men only...but I get where that thought comes from if a man wants or does it to a woman, then it's not a far shot that he is willing and don't mind doing to a man.

    I think is comes down to why does a heterosexual man want or need to do it. I mean I get it, it's a little tighter than a vagina...well at first it depends on how much you do it and whatnot, but after that why do it.
    Let's say a man like his woman's backside and the view from the back doing it. The same effect came be achieve by hitting the coochie from the back and doing it in the back.

    Then there is the point that it's forbidden and taboo, and as anyone knows the forbidden and the taboo, most of the time adds a certain bit of heighten pleasure to things. When you feel like it shouldn't be done, or something you wouldn't want people to know you do it, it makes you feel naughty and excited.

    I think it all comes down to motive behind why you want to do it, from the male point of view. I think this has nothing to do with the female unless a guy is doing it strictly because his women loves it.

    As a man who gets with a lot of DL men, I know one thing that some say, to rationalize what they are doing when they get with men...That penetrating a guy anal, is just like doing a girl anal or even vaginally. I don't think it helps either, when certain homosexual men call their butts, boypussy or mangina either. But certain DL men think that ass is ass pussy is pussy, regardless of gender, as long as it's a hole.
    If some men can rationalize that penetrating a guy is just like penetrating a female anal, which doesn't make him FEEL gay in his point of view; then who is to say it can't be viewed the opposite way. As in "I'm doing my girl anal, and I like it, but she doesn't care for it too much, what would be the difference, doing a guy?" You get what I'm saying?

    If you look at it completely from one point of view, who is to say you couldn't easily look at it from another. Is the point I think I'm trying to make.

    Here's what I think...
    I think for some men it truly doesn't matter who the whole is from, as long as it's a hole. Perhaps that is a stem of bisexuality. I think that completely homosexuals and completely heterosexuals know the difference. That doing anal from one gender, will Not be the same. Not because the view is the same from the back, or because it feels the same regardless of gender, but because of the end of the day you know what they got int he front, and that matters.

  2. A great deal of straight people have & enjoy butt sex, taking & giving.

    I am skilled at this act & versatile. Everyone would get out of the ick factor or the fear... once they have an orgasm while being penetrated.I recommend it.

  3. i Like anal sex, and everbody can know that, that i get fucked ...and that i like to fuck also! Anal Power rules!

  4. Yes and No.

    Yes, because if straight guy has a dick and can keep it hard, then of course he can have gaysex.

    No, because I don't think wanting to have anal sexy with a woman makes him any more likely to want to sex with a guy than having vaginal sex would UNLESS.... Unless straight-guy is really bi-guy or gay-guy-in-hiding and having anal sex with a girl makes it easier for him to imagine it's a guy.

  5. I think the issue comes down to this: do you think that because you stick your dick in a dirty cunt makes you more masculine? Take it a step further...do you think that it makes you acceptable in the eyes of the Creator?
    I think not and anal sex is just a variation of the sex act like oral or masturbation. We are obsessed as a society with the implications of sin or forbidden things. We should get on with our lives and do what feels good.

  6. If he hit her in the arse, he will hit a man in the arse. Anal sex is anal sex.

  7. Anal sex, whether active or passive, is not just limited to gay men. I know some straight men (two) who like it up theirs' from time to time. Gay denial? perhaps. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

  8. For gay men - it's our act for ultimate physical union. But to answe your question - it is for anyone in my opinion who wants to experience it.

  9. I'm just not sure why on Earth a woman would want to have anal sex to begin with... I mean, straight guys, you go! You have your fun. Us gay guys, that is our fun. But straight women? Come on, they don't even have a G-Spot back there! LMAO

    I'm just kidding. Hey, everyone's into different things, and if you like it up your booty, than by all means, go on... Because I'll be DAMNED if someone told me how I should or shouldn't do my thing. lol

  10. Am curious to know how one cums from being fucked in the a**.




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