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Friday, 04 December 2009


OUR LIVES ARE DETERMINED BY KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT OUR PURPOSE IS & THE EVENTS THAT SHAPE OUR ENTIRE BEING. Human beings, by their very nature, are made for a purpose. Much like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, the rain falling to the earth and air that we breathe; we ALL have a purpose. We all have similar interests, ideals, or aspirations and together we build our communities and societies. As much as the world would LOVE to think or believe, WE THE HOMOSEXUALLY INCLINED, serve a PURPOSE and have a LEGITIMATE reason for our being here on this earth. We are BLESSED with a LIFE less ORDINARY, we give HETEROSEXUALITY its TRUE meaning; much like how GOOD cannot exist without EVIL we go hand-in-hand. Our PURPOSE may not be acknowledged by society but we all know that it cannot be denied. OUR PURPOSE is filled with pivotal events that define us as UNIQUE and SPECIAL BEINGS; we REDEFINE the entire landscape of SEXUALITY. AS A HOMOSEXUAL, I KNOW THAT I WAS MADE FOR MAN BECAUSE I AM TOO STRONG FOR A WOMAN. I recognize my GREATNESS and PURPOSE and because of this, we stand apart from the rest of the world. OUR GREATNESS moves the world and this is why they HATE and DESPISE us. When they encounter us, something in them is SHAKEN and STIRRED because WE represent the part of their whole that is missing. It is such a pity that they cannot seem to understand that by ACCEPTING OUR GREATNESS, they can accept their own. We cannot survive without each other and it crazy that they believe that they can…I AM GAY WITH PURPOSE…ARE YOU?




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