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Sunday, 14 June 2009


Isn’t it laughable how it is ACCEPTABLE for most black to be a criminal who believes in God and goes to church on Sunday while selling drugs AND doing God knows what than to be an atheist who has a good job, a good education, who contributes to society and supports his/her family? This, for me, is one of THE MOST embarrassing elements of Black culture, our zealous embracement of the God of our kidnappers, murderers, slave masters and oppressors. But I digress because the GOD-LESS N’ SOUL-LESS HEATHENS with NO MORALS like me who doesn’t attend THE FIRST HOLINESS CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD BAPTIST TABERNACLE is the worst thing on this planet…right?  Most would consider me to be an atheist for writing this, but I am not. However I don’t blame the man/woman that is an atheist for the feelings they have because I get their rejection of God, angels AND demons. I’ll take an atheist over the black person that is running to the collection giving their last because GOD said that they MUST give a sacrificial offering for the pastor’s house N’ cars…If only some black people had a brain…I would SO jump for joy if I were see a black person that came out of the RELIGIOUS CLOSET as an atheist…It sure would take them a long way in this world and it would show that they believe in something rather than going along with the flow because they were told they have too…From what I’ve read and discussed with others, atheism isn’t bad because they are persons who tend to be rationalists, which means they seek a rational, logical explanation for basing their particular worldview. So sad that most black persons don’t, can’t OR won’t…They can’t seem to get pass the fact that atheism is NOT dogma OR a religion. As far as I know, there are no rules to follow to be a proper atheist. Therefore if there were a universal atheistic moral code I suppose it would be something along the lines of I shall seek to cause no harm to fellow humans, accept responsibility if/when I do cause harm and attempt to diminish human suffering. I don’t know about you, but think there is something unseemly about black folks being so thoroughly conquered right down to their very minds and spirits. I find it all rather pathetic AND embarrassing. I would RESPECT the person that is all about the relinquishment and denial of all things that had been forced upon them. So isn’t it rational to think that the atheist that questions the existence of some great overseer in the sky in the new millennium is something to question? I HOPE THAT WHEN WE ALL MEET OUR END WE GET EXACTLY WHAT WE THING WE SHOULD…ALL I KNOW IS THAT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THE WAY WE TREAT EACH WOULD MAKE ANY GOD KEEP US IN THE DARK ABOUT HIS EXISTENCE…I THINK HE WOULD RATHER WE NOT BELIEVE IN HIM IN WAY WE DO BECAUSE IT CAUSE MORE CONFUSION & PROBLEMS THAT IS NEEDED & I THINK THAT WE ALL NEED TO FORGET ABOUT HIS EXISTENCE…& IF THAT MEANS WE TRY ATHEISM TO FIND OUR WAY TO LIGHT I AM ALL FOR IT! ISN’T IT TIME WE AS BLACK PEOPLE OPEN OUR MINDS TO THE POSSIBILITY THAT THE VARIOUS INTERSECTIONS BETWEEN RELIGION, SOCIETY, POLITICS, SCIENCE & MORALITY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED? I AM TIRED OF THE WAYS BLACK PEOPLE DAMAGE THEMSELVES PHYSICALLY, INTELLECTUALLY & EMOTIONALLY SUNDAY AFTER SUNDAY WITH NO RATIONAL BEHIND IT, AREN’T YOU?


  1. I think it's only fair to judge a man by his fruit in situation such as this.

    I don't care what you call yourself, you can call you're self Jesus, the Pope, the next greatest things, but if you're not living like it...it doesn't really matter now does it?

    For those that call themselves a Christian go to church on Sunday and act like the devil during the week, like you mentioned...that's not being a Christian to me.

    This is just my opinion, but when you get "saved" that means you turn away from the old stuff you use to do...and start acting right. That doesn't just mean Sunday.

    So I don't blame or judge anyone for being agnostic or atheist in the least...I wouldn't want to act like or be associated with 1/2 these folks either. But, you can't judge God by other people, you simple have to judge Him on what He has, or hasn't done for you.

  2. preach on ... This is so true. One of my biggest qualms with the black community. I am all for people having something to believe in. But I hate when I see people mindlessly accepting what the group tells you is truth. You can actively have a faith, and challenge yourself to question parts of it and learn what you can from it, all the while UNDERSTANDING and RESPECTING the beliefs of others that differ from your own.

  3. I went to college in Texas after growing up in California where religion really played no part in my life.

    I'll never forget being told that Baptists don't drink, smoke or dance - until they get across the county line where none of their friends will see them.

    It's so true. They practice "Do as I say, not as I do"

  4. I'm just going to email you on this then comment later...

  5. You know for most folks this is a touchy topic. I cant and wont judge..Ill leave that to my God.

  6. As a Humanist (aka atheist) I am considered within Black culture to possess the utmost cardinal sins: gay and atheist. My gay, black friends call me the antichrist jokingly; however, some just cannot grasp why I chose not to conform with the masses. Once you unleash the quest for knowledge by questioning and researching, the quest for self-actualization begins.

  7. dating blk men and religion has always been a crazy subject for me. I usually tried to avoid the subject because we tend to clash everytime.

    i personally consider myself agnostic more than anything because I just do not like the concept of what many religions preach based on the bible because in a sense I don't consider the bible to be 100% viable since its been changed so many times by PEOPLE to match what they believe and i could do the same thing. Yes there are some things that are just common sense but then there are others that are just like HMPH!!!!!

  8. Excellent post. You're truly living up to your name - it's essential that the ignorant masses are educated and have some spark of thought for their own selves ignited.

    It's not just a "black" problem though - the curse of religion keeping minds in the dark blights many minds across the globe. having grown up in Northern Ireland I can guarantee that. But think of Brazil & Poland, not to mention the terminal cancer called Islam...

  9. Myself, I am agnostic (but still follow some Christian principles)and I agree with this post wholeheartedly.
    It saddens me that the African American community is not more openminded to people that are different and think differently.

  10. Too tired, my friend, too tired! Religion causes so much hysteria. I rather like the Buddha's position, which is "God's existence is irrelevant. Whether God exists or not there is still suffering in the world."

    People are so ignorant when it comes to religion. They think they know so much when in point of fact they know nothing. I always note that Atheists know more about the bible and religion than most Christians. This proves they too want to believe, that they too are searching for something, as you say. But they are not so easily swayed. Good for them!

  11. I feel you on this and I have been reading some very good books on atheism. I am not an atheist myself, but I can respect rational thought behind it. When I started reading about atheism I first read Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion, which is one of the more academic works on the subject. I’m currently reading God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens it is still very academic but his tone is much more conversational.

    I’m actually on the chapter in the book where he talks about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement reliance on religion as a unifying force for positive change. It cannot be denied that anyone who wanted to speak to the black community had to have a strong understand of scripture to speak with authority on moral issues, but doesn’t mean you necessarily hold those beliefs yourself. Hitchens defiantly covers most of the real world consequences of some idiotic beliefs. Not the least of them being the idea that anything you do is ok because God will forgive you all your sins. Be it true or not the consequence of such a belief is that people will and do feel justified in doing some horrible things and still call themselves Christians.

    I have a great deal of respect for people of faith and I don’t begrudge them their beliefs, but at the same time I respect critical thinking above any sort of truth based on faith alone. Certainly there is room for both, but only when there is extremism of any position is put aside and people can actually think rationally and not take offense at anyone with a different point of view.




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