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Thursday, 07 May 2009


We men and women are multidimensional creatures. Our identity is made up of the sum total of our many traits and values and our character. Each of us possesses within us many different selves. There is the adult part of ourselves and the childlike spirit that resides in each one of us. There is our masculine side and our feminine side. There is the hard worker in us, the artist, the parent, and the caretaker. All of these selves combined, form a well-rounded, complex person. But can someone tell me what happens when the hard worker, the artist, the parent AND the caretaker can’t provide us with the basic things to survive on this planet? I ask this question because yesterday my former favorite boss and I went to get our unemployment cheques provided to us by the government. And after going through a relatively smooth process she had to take that very same cheque and give it to the bank so her car doesn’t get repossessed. It BROKE my heart and after I dropped her home, it took so much for me to focus on the road ahead looking forward to a comfortable resting place. Words cannot express how much she has given me from working with her…I mean she is VERY experienced in the accounting arena, but her set-back is that she is a BIG fish living in a small pond called the Bahamas. And in her living here with such limited means it makes her life feel all the more out of control. I can only wonder what becomes of the soldiers like her who went to college, have tons of experience and are good human beings no matter where they go? Can someone tell me how she is supposed to REMEMBER THE SUN when the darkness makes it SO hard to see? How does she explain to her child that you can’t have this or that because there is NO money? If only she knew that this is just life’s way of preparing her for the next phase, but how can one want to feel something that seems to not be there? How can she tell herself that that the clouds that block her view are only filtering the sun’s light temporarily? If only I could show her that life won’t always be like this but…Most days I find myself pleading with her recently deceased mother to guide her path AND keep her focus…I remember when she told me that her mom came to her in a dream and told her that EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO BE FINE…My soul smiled because she got some hope but as time moves on…well things tend to change and strengths turns into weaknesses…I SUPPOSE I AM A FOOL-HEARTED MAN WHOSE GLASS IS ALWAYS HALF FULL…I REMEMBER THE SUN EVEN WHEN IT DOESN’T WANT ME TO…I HOLD ONTO THE POSSIBILITIES OF TOMORROW KNOWING THAT LIFE HAS CYCLES & IT IS UP TO ME TO CREATE LIFE FROM WITHIN…I CAN ONLY HOPE THAT THE POSITIVE RIPPLES I ECHO INTO THE WORLD ALONG WITH HER MOTHER’S TOUCH CAN COME TOGETHER & HELP HER REMEMBER THE SUN…


  1. The sun will shine again for her, I'm sure. Here's hoping that she will persevere and not lose hope!

  2. Hey let me tell you Im a woman in her shoes NOW. Let me tell you how I am able to see the sun in the dark. I am a very fine mother and when my child "needs" something I make a way. My children understand that money dont grow on trees. Paying the bills is essential, and first and mostly first...children has to understand that. I made my children understand that water, food, shelter, and electricity is something that we can not live without...so which is it that you want shoes or food. Of course they get comical but they do understand. I know your heart and for someone to get paid and deposit the entire check to pay a bill is really hard...been there done that. Just tell her to keep her head up and stay positive....ALL ELSE WILL WORK OUT!


    you been tagged!

  4. Beautifully stated, though I myself am a glass half-empty sort who doesn't believe anything wonderful (per se) is around the corner.

    Anything wondrous in life that we want or need we have to make it happen. No mystical short-cuts.

    Just my two cents.

  5. Thanks for your comment on your blog.

    I want you to know that each day one of my special missions is to look for holes that will wink at you (and me)!

  6. Thats a tough one, people like her need friends like you more than ever.

  7. I really hope that u can be a light to her..sometimes (and im speaking about my own experiences) we get blindsighted by all the bad that we forget how to even look for the good. the sun can shine if were wearing shades all the time. We all have to go thru the hard times to appreciate the good and strive for better. Staying stagnant is not what life is about.




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