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Sunday, 07 December 2008


Just as the universe wants to provide for our needs, it also seeks to protect us from dangerous situations, destructive relationships AND even minor inconveniences. Frequently in our lives, perhaps everyday, we encounter red flags warning us of potential problems. We may not always recognize the signs. However, more often than not, we may choose to ignore our intuition when it tells us that SOMETHING JUST ISN’T RIGHT. Every day we are hearing stories of personal suffering AND loss that is further putting this world in a state of chaos. Living in communities where so many of us are losing our houses AND livelihoods it is tempting to minimize what is going on in the world; but that would be a GREAT mistake. By now we MUST realize that life is a domino effect AND what happens to my brothers N’ sisters down the street will undoubtedly hurt me. I LOVE how the world works in that we HAVE to deal with the things that we’ve tried NOT to see OR touch. BUT TELL ME THIS…HOW MUCH LONGER CAN THE WORLD SPIN WHEN THE RICH IS GETTING RICHER & THE POOR IS GETTING POORER? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THINGS BREAK & THE AVERAGE MAN ON THE STREETS CANNOT PAY HIS BILLS? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T FIX THINGS? The time to panic is LONG gone AND I feel that it is OUR BEST INTEREST to get work because GOD is giving us ONE LAST CHANCE to get ourselves in order. It is blatantly OBVIOUS that over time, OUR unwillingness to acknowledge what we’ve allowed to take place has led us to become a world filled with numbness. Our internal systems are clogged with the demons we ourselves created (weird huh?) The scales of life are devalued because this world is filled with persons that have become resistant to the plight of others. Therefore if we are to turn things around, we need to realize that the ONLY gateway is compassion towards each other AND rolling up OUR sleeves because there is work that has to be done…RED FLAGS OFTEN POP UP HERE N’ THERE URGING US TO PAUSE FOR A MOMENT, LISTEN & RECONSIDER OUR PATH…NOW WE HAVE NO CHOICE FOR WE’VE BEEN STOPPED DEAD IN OUR TRACKS; NOW OUR BEST PATH LIES WHERE? I CAN GIVE MANY ANSWERS, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US TO REMEMBER THAT WE WERE NOT BORN WITH INSTRUCTION MANUALS & THAT LEARNING LESSONS IS A LIFELONG JOURNEY…SO @ THE END OF THE DAY WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT EACH OTHER ON THIS PLANET…FROM THE JANITOR TO THE CEO WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT NONE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OTHER. WE NEED TO HONOR & VALUE THE HUMAN CONDITION SO WE CAN EXPERIENCE & FEEL LIFE FULLY & COMPLETELY BECAUSE THAT’S HOW GOD INTENDED THINGS TO BE…SO WHEN WE HEAR THE STORIES OF OTHERS THAT ARE SUFFERING, OUR HEARTS N’ SOULS SHOULD RESONATE WITH UNDERSTANDING N’ COMPASSION & WE COULD STOP IGNORING THE WARNING THE SIGNS FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL OF US…


  1. Hey sweets, I got you on this one. I get my intuition flowing all the time. I ignore alot of signs...with the hopes of me just thinking crazy. I wished I had followed my intuition 9 months ago...and just walked away. I would have saved lots of money and headaches. But I guess thats what love will do to you. But what happens once you fall out of love???/

  2. ummm, pastor Kishna?? (pondering)...o ok, sure.

  3. OK...
    Seriously now there is so much wrong and it begins with us losing our humanity for greed and it's on the part of the rich and the poor. Then we have the middle class that is definitely living above its means but that's what the US economy has been relying on for decades and talk about the bottom falling out. The economy is built on no foundation - a country that has out sourced almost all of it's production to other countries for cheaper labour, is the largest consumer of oil but produces very little and doesn't have the alternative to it. So as we saw this summer we had to pay any price for a gallon of gas or else what? WHAT??? WALK? So then all our resources are siphoned off into other countries economies building them up and believe me we may be allies now but remember my first point was on us losing our humanity for greed and very soon the world will no longer be unipolar and we will have ourselves to thank for it.
    We still have time to fix all this... HOPEFULLY
    HOPEFULLY God is giving us one last chance to see that we are on the wrong path and HOPEFULLY with a calm in the situation we will return to a path that brings us progress again and in getting the maybe we can remember our humanity again.

  4. There were so many red flags that I ignored that I lost count. We always think we can fix things and that's not always the case. I've finally learned that a warning is a warning that needs to be paid attention to.

    Lately it seems like people don't value human life the way they should, not even their own. It's a little scary. If most of us would stop being crabs in a barrel things would be a lot better.

  5. kudos to you on this blog bro. so many warning signs. My heart is always going out to those who suffer in the world particular those who died in Mumbai, India recently.

    And if I can lend a helping hand I'll try my best. there are so many problems with humanity there isnt enough time to unclog them all.

  6. @ scorned woman...Im feeling you on that one....

  7. The rich keep getting richer because selfishness rules and humanity is out the door and that is how things will keep going.

    Yes it is true that GOD is giving us a chance to get ourselves in order but we are so far gone that we are ablivious to the sings. We are too self-absorbed to even stop for a second to consider the state of the world.

    True that compassion and love is the way to go and isn't that what GOD is about? Unfortunately we do not reflect who our creator is. We are interested in ourselves and nothing else.

    Isn't it funny that someone will spend all their waking hours thinking of getting richer and richer and never thinking of those that do not even have a quarter of what he has, while all those things that he has amassed will never leave this world with him?

    There is only so much you can do with money. After some time you end up doing ridiculous things like importing expensive bottles of water on a daily basis because you no longer know what to do with so much cash.

    What will you lose by spreading a little love and compassion and joy to others?

    But it is not only the rich that should be doing something. There are so many people in the world that need help and it is not necessarily in monetary terms.

    Someone could just be feeling lost or depressed or just needing a hug. It might seem like a small thing but you would never know how being there for someone in these situations would have helped them.

    And pride and looking down on others simply because you are so-and-so is one of the most useless things you can ever do for yourself. Yes gayte, no one is more important than the other.

    All people, irrespective of their station in life want the same things: love, recognition, security, acknowledgement, dignity.

  8. Do you honestly believe this CAN happen? Do you ever think the majority of people WILL change their logic and mindset and adapt to this? In a perfect world, in my opinion, this is possible. In the world we live in, I don't believe so. People are too enraged, jealous and God knows what else! We have the crab mentality, just pulling each other down...

    Great post and I would love to see us get to that place one day...

  9. There were numerous times in which I saw clear warning signs to not pursue some of the men that I did... but did so anyway believing that perhaps things would work... only to be shown that it can't, no matter how much I would want it to.

    So my ignorance wasn't out of absentmindedness or hardheadedness... but out of desperation. I just wish for once that all signs would lead me to the love I need in my life.

  10. Xivinrah
    If something is not for you, then it is not for you, it doesn't matter how bad you want it and it doesn't matter whether you cry a river.

    When you are desperate, you get desperation in return. You'll find yourself more and more in situations that frustrate you, because that is the signal you give out.
    And sometimes it's simply a matter of wrong timing. If you don't get something at the time that you want it, it might not be the right time, period. It doesn't matter how you think you feel about it. Learn to recognise the signs for what they are and act accordingly. Never ever force things, they will not work out.

  11. Selfish ,greed and living for the present while not thinking about the future are some of the reasons the world is in its current state. These have consumed us and in the process we have destroyed ourselves and our planet. We have lost the essence of our human existence.
    It is my hope and pray that we turn things around and change the path we are on.




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