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Saturday, 20 December 2008


Hip hop group The Fugees covered the song in 1996 on their album The Score, with Lauryn Hill singing the lead vocals. Their version became a massive hit reaching number two on the U.S. airplay chart, and had similar success in the UK, reaching number one and selling over a million copies, becoming 1996's best selling single. When this song came out I was just 18 years old and though I had an appreciation for it then, it in NO way compares to how I feel about this song today. The Fugees are what are known as REAL artist, persons that took their showcased it in a manner that very can do in the music industry today. I can remember the good feeling that came over when I first heard this song and that is still the case today, I hope this song does for you what it does for me.


  1. This is one group that should have been frozen in time. Even though they have done some great things individually I feel that they were so good during this time without all the pressures and expectations - just truly creative.

    And their sound was unlike anything we were introduced to before - quite innovative.

  2. This was a great group. This song is really HOT! I love the way Lauryn Hill sings this song. I wished they would come back, and do another Fuguees album.

  3. hey I can sing that song really well....boy do I miss the days when this song was popping.

    Gayte, your killing me s o f t l y

  4. The Fugees were indeed creative and innovative. They were like a breath of fresh air when they came on the scene and really left their mark and changed the music landscape forever. They took this classic song and made it their own. I love this version so much more than the original

  5. The Fugees did a great job on this song. 4 stars!




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