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Friday, 21 November 2008


As an intelligent light skinned man I am so embarrassed to even think of the ignorance of comparing our skin color. Call it a GROSS ignorance on my part, but it seems like discussions of race often focus on how life differs for people who aren't white from those who are. I guess you can say that I was COLORBLIND because I have this weird notion that we as people were JUDGED on merit INSTEAD of skin color. However my current place of employment proves that I am DEAD wrong. Last week proved that I couldn’t ignore the 10,000 pound elephant sitting in the room because I saw first hand what racism is. The managers @ my current place of employment are white…THEY HAVE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING…INSURANCE COVERAGE, BETTER PAY…PERKS, you name they have it. I guess it is NO surprise that my co-workers and I are living from paycheck to paycheck trying to make a dime out of a nickel while being slaves @ this modern day plantation. So I guess with that said I shouldn’t be surprised that management feels that either my co-worker or I stole THIRTY dollars from the company’s deposit. She wrote it up, I checked it over and it was fine. However the bank called saying that it was not and of course we were practically grilled about that for about a week. I mean THIRTY dollars cannot put gas in our cars, THIRTY dollars cannot buy anything of substance from the grocery store…THIRTY dollars can’t do much of anything. Yet there is this thing in the air that we must taken the money because it isn’t there. I know if it were one of their white counterparts they wouldn’t even discuss this to this extent (no wonder they steal millions from each other). But whatever, if I were to steal I am going down for REAL dough. My name AND reputation means more to me than anything else. I know that they feel threatened by the likes of my co-worker and me because we know our REAL history; we know what was taught to us from the white man and how he feels that because he smiles @ us and pretend to care about how we spend time after working hours that we buy his bullshit. SORRY HE HAS TO TRY SOME OTHER NEGRO! I JUST WONDER IF IT TOO LATE TO HELP THE ONES THAT WORKED THERE FOR SO MANY YEARS ON END? THEY’VE WORKED WITHOUT RAISES OR BONUSES…I GUESS IT LIKE MY EX-BOSS USE TO SAY, I DON’T SEE WHY MY STAFF MAKES NOISE ABOUT NOT GETTING RAISES WHEN HE HAS TO PAY THE EXACT AMOUNT THEY PAY FOR THE PRICE OF BREAD. I ALWAYS FIND THAT FUNNY BECAUSE HE LEAVES THE STORE WITH CHANGE & LOADS OF BUTTER FOR THAT BREAD WHILE WE BARELY AFFORDED THE DAMN BREAD…BUT WHAT DO I KNOW? I KNOW THAT THE GAP AS FAR AS EDUCATION IS CONCERNED IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY CLOSING. THE PRIVILEGE WITH THEIR FAKE SMILES & SEPARATISTS ATTITUDE ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD; & THOUGH I MAYBE CONSIDER A LOWER CLASS BY DEFAULT DUE TO THE COLOR OF MY SKIN; BUT TO ENTERTAIN THE NOTION THAT MY CO-WORKER OR COULD/WOULD STEAL THIRTY DOLLARS FROM A COMPANY THAT HAS NO SYSTEM IN PLACE IS CRAZY. I MEAN WHY STEAL THIRTY DOLLARS WHEN THE PRODUCT IS RIPE FOR THE TAKING? I GUESS IT JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT WHEN BLACK N’ WHITE MIX THE GREY AREAS GET ALL F&CKED UP!


  1. That is fucking ridiculous. Why would you risk your job over $30???

    We still have a LONG WAY to go toward equality for everyone...

    Keep your head up.


  2. WOW... as an Accountant??? Dude... you should be living WAY better than that. Come move to Atlanta. ^_^ It's hot. Of course, unfortunately... racism is everywhere so I can't guarantee you won't encounter that, but I mean the businesses are gay-friendly and stuff. :P Pride 2009! ^_^ I am SO going to be there next year... that is a PROMISE. LOL. Sorry for getting off topic.

    I just wish the hate would end.

  3. I don't agree that when black and white mix the grey areas get f&cked up but I must say that this is utter stupidity and I wouldn't even classify it with racism if it weren't so laughable.

    There is still ignorance out there nonetheless and for your bosses to think that you and you co-worker of less than a month have conspired against the company to steal $30 is plain stupid.

    But working with bosses and working with cash and having black and white bosses I have seen the difference in attitude towards us 'black' [and I use that loosely 'cause here I think there's more to it] people when there is anything involving cash and things not adding up to what it is supposed to be. With a certain group the first resort is toward suspicion which is not hidden, while others try to find what the resolution @ least before expressing vocally what their comfort level is about a situation or what someone's status is and sop that predisposes them to stealing.

    So I have to say that your post has shown me what is the acceptable attitude I should accept from my management on these issues.

  4. hmmm, let me first say that society got shit all screwed up...but its the ones that make the money like Beyonce that make men think that her type (lightskinned) is the best to go for. But let me tell you ...im not looking for skin color...Im looking for a true and real heart...so when I go for a man, I can care less what color he is...as long as he is African American.

    As far as your boss...he pays the same for bread...but like you said, he gets some change back

  5. Gayte! Man you taking it hard at work..before the bitchy manager now this. Where does it end! I know when you get home, youre mind is far from work that when you see work again you GET MAD lol. I agree with your on many of the points you made. $30! Ha! A hot mess. Don't let them get to you. The grey areas...unfortunately we GOT WORK TO DO and it starts with peoples assumptions about other races.

  6. I am offended that anyone could associate you with stealing. It's just incredible (and I don't mean that in a good way).

    And as far as your ex-boss, he/she has actually twisted my own words. I always say that I can never understand how a worker can get paid 1000 Rands while a boss receives 50 000 because it's not like we have separate malls and stores that cater exclusively for us, the lowly-paid workforce. Does a loaf of bread cost 10 Rands for the boss and 5 Rands for the ordinary worker?

  7. I think this is inherently a psychological issue and a complex,where people who feel they are somehow superior to others when in a position of power and authority exhibit this complex. This may have racial and prejudicial overtones as it may very well be perpetuated by those within our own race.
    No matter what one's position is , we out to respect and value our fellow human beings even those who are our subordinates. U may be the manager or the boss that doesn't make u BETTER or SUPERIOR!!!!!!!!!
    Let us not forget that all men are created EQUAL!!!!!!!!!




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