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Friday, 10 October 2008


I know my mother loves but…
Does she LOVE me? 
Am I but a memory,
Lost in time?
Trying to remember a time line
Maybe it’s just a sign
Of a life out of sync
How I can be so derange
And rearrange
This unreal reality
For I have entered a world
Another other
A world beyond my mother
Beyond safe…
Beyond smother
A world she knows NOTHING about
And it suits her fine
The ONLY time she cares to peep
Is to see what she can find
The whereabouts of my heart N’ soul
Doesn’t matter…
Now my nightmare is my reality
A reality that burns so deep inside
And all I can do is hang onto the edge
As if my life was a crowbar wedged
In between she and I
And I in my mind
Sometimes is better to let go
Than be in between the mind and the heart
For I have wasted enough time
Suspending her suspicions
And her wishful thinking
I am happy to be me
Though it is sad to see,
That my mother doesn’t REALLY LOVE ME!
© tgk


  1. Very well done. Do you think your mother really doesn't love you or she just finds it difficult to show that love?....As a wise person once told that our biological family is just that our biological family we gravitate towards other people who act and behave the way our family should by giving us unconditional love and support. Having said that I am grateful that your birth mother blessed us with you and the world is a better place because she did. I LOVE U BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WoW! very good man. Love this blog entry!

  3. My God...i dont even know what to say. This blog is so profound. And you are truly gifted.

  4. I just wanted to say that this poem is exactly how I feel about my relationship with my mother...Thought it not a bad one it isn't a good one either...




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