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Thursday, 30 October 2008


A relationship usually means you're exclusive to one person, giving your heart and soul to your mate, at least within reason. We're supposed to feel strongly about that person; and that person only. But does the world stop turning because you're hitched? OF COURSE IT DOES NOT! Is it normal to stop looking only because your other half says so? It's normal for your lover to want you only to himself, but that shouldn't discard the possibility of sightseeing on the beautiful hills of MAN LAND? Looking and playful flirting can be considered healthy components of keeping a strong relationship going. However, when MOST men give an eye to another it is the equivalent of child that is NOT supposed to eat candy before supper…he'll want to do it even more, just because he ISN’T supposed to. I find that men tend to more sexual than women so when GAY men are involved things escalate to another level. But I feel that if they were to realize everything that followed flirting many would stop at the mere thought of it. The key aspect is to remember the LOOK, DON’T TOUCH code of ethics. If you see a sexy man wearing no shirt a pair of shorts and gym shoes, playing basketball, take it for what it's worth and enjoy the view. As long as it stays at that level, no harm done. Think of it as if you are window shopping, it is when you walk into the store to inquire about OR make the purchase is when you are in dangerous territory. I have to admit that there are men that I saw and I thought if it were a year earlier then they so would get it. But where I am in my life I am QUITE content AND happy so the thought of wasting precious energy on such things just tarnish a relationship that is way TOO important to me. For most of us SO hard to ignore that voice that says HE IS HOT & YOU MUST HAVE HIM. Because after you cum, then what? I say LET HUMAN NATURE TAKE IT’S COURSE & ALLOW THE FEELINGS TO BE JUST THAT FEELINGS, BECAUSE @ THE END OF THE DAY YOU DON’T WANT TO GET IN PROBLEMS BECAUSE OF FLIRTING GONE WRONG. IMAGINE YOUR PARTNER FLIRTING WITH SOMEONE ELSE, HOW WOULD THAT MAKE YOU FEEL? @ THE END OF IT ALL I HOPE THAT YOU ASSUME THE ROLE OF THE SIGHTSEER & FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE EYE CANDY OUT THERE…IT CAN BE GOOD FOR YOU & YOU CAN CERTAINLY AVOID THOSE TOOTH ACHES…


  1. I don't know... it just doesn't seem right. But then again I've never been in a relationship. I guess being single has its advantages if you know how to be sociable. Too bad I am missing out on the advantages of being single too. Hahaha... Well it's a good thing I'd like to have a pet dog someday. ^_^ I have a long life ahead of me.

    I never knew u felt this way about this issue. I would have always assumed that flirting was bad altogether.

  2. Well put; yes it is okay to peep out the next best thing, yeah we will always find other people outside of our own relationship(s) attractive, and there is no harm in a little flirting.

    I personally have no problem with it, I love to flirt and I would not actually be offended if my significant other peeped out other men, then again I am currently single and flirt all the time and love being flirted with too. The key is to maintain a level of respect for your mate.

    By the way I do enjoy your blog.

  3. Observing the beauty of another brotha is much different from flirting. Man know thyself.

    I dated a monster once and was all on board when "it" said that there is "nothing wrong with window shopping." However he was not just window shopping but putting dudes on layaway.

    If you are telling someone they are cute or smiling at a fine brotha is different than responding to another guy's advances (flirting) because you are just welcoming problems. Keep in mind the person you are flirting with is most likely "single." YOU ARE NOT!

    You are so much more attractive to other guy's when you are in a relationship in my experiences.

    I am NOT afraid to give credit but I will make it clear that that is where it ends. You cannot bet that your partner will be so clear in "flirting." Then they wanna make friends with that person and here starts the MESS!

  4. Im gonna follow your page because I cant get enough of these pics man....where do you get them ;)

    How are you?

  5. Looking at a someone else is one thing, but actually engaging in flirting can land that ass back on the road to being single.

  6. MANburger please and hold the buns Literally).
    WOW & WOW again!

  7. Sorry this comment was intended for TDRT's post of that Footballer's ass. :)

  8. I think in relationships it is important to set boundaries. We are humans and as such we will find other people attractive besides our partner.It is well within reason saying that someone is attractive or cute but when this is taken to the level of expressing sexual interest in that person then is when it is taken too far.Being in a relationship(especially a committed relationship) does not render you dead but it is important to establish boundaries and respect your partner and the sanctity of your relationship.




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