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Thursday, 14 August 2008


For many of us, THE CLUB is a ritual, the first introduction to the GAY LIFESTYLE, outside of society. It gives us a chance to be around those that are like us in the ways that cannot be explained. This connection AND energy shared is unlike anything else in this world, it is like an unspoken language that gives us to life. So whether it is HOUSE MUSIC, R & B, REGGAE, HIP HOP, LATIN or OLD SCHOOL there is NO denying the rhythm of the beat AND the POWER of the club. Our body loves AND craves movement. When we dance, the body adjusts, realign and start to become fluid with the rhythm of life. Our mood lifts and we feel more connected with the world around us. Imagine how freeing it feels to trust your body's movements completely; knowing it has a perfect strength AND rhythm as THE POWER OF THE CLUB TAKES YOU IN. Movement is a vital celebration of life, it is a way to proclaim your existence AND relish in the joy of being alive. So when we are in the club, we feel alive and it seems that we can live FOREVER! However, for some reason it seems like there's A CLUB PHASE that MOST of us. I suppose we got the POWER we needed OR maybe we don’t like to be in that environment. Nonetheless, what ever the reason, I feel that can’t ever forget about THE CLUB or its POWER. I think that we just get SO busy that we forget that the body needs this movement. It is just that we got SO caught up in crossing items off our to-do lists; we neglect the club AND see it as something we did in playtime of our lives. Though this is NOT a bad way of thinking I can’t help but wonder if somehow we LOST what we were suppose to get from such POWER. Being someone that is NO longer a club goer, I MUST admit that I cannot deny the power of the club. However, I took that POWER, that ENERGY and harness it to push my way forward into a POSITIVE future. I was NEVER one to take off my shirt OR parade around in some battle; but I am GLAD that there is a place for those that do. So NO matter who we are OR where we’ve gone I am sure that MOST could say that they had fun when took in THE POWER OF THE CLUB. I GUESS IT JUST LIKE MICHAEL SAID IN SERIES FINALE OF QUEER AS FOLK, ‘THE THUMPER THUMPER WILL ALWAYS BE THERE…

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  1. ah yes... the club scene... where we all started. Fun times.




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