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Tuesday, 05 August 2008


I was having a chat with a friend of mine the other day and he said to me that there are so many UNHAPPY people in the world. As our conversation continued he went on to say how GAY men in particular are still searching AND seeking for that which cannot be found; and I was IMMEDIATELY taken back about 10 years into the past. I remembered how others viewed me as a B!TCH or ANTI(GAY)SOCIAL merely because I decided NOT to be like those around me AND saw MY potential beyond the CLUB, CLOTHES and MEN

The GAY culture is such a marvelously fascinating thing, that we cannot begin to scratch the surface with regards to the ins and outs of who we are. I for one feel sad @ the fact that we are the ones that spear head the socioeconomics of society; yet WE cater to the stereotypes of who we think we are. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO PURSUE HONESTY OVER THE LIES THAT EXIST? ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME WE SHOW THE COMPLEXITIES OUR BEAUTY BY BEING OURSELVES RATHER THAN EACH OTHER OR WHAT THE WORLD THINKS WE ARE? 

It saddens me to know that there are NO lead characters in this play we call life. And that we don’t need to be each other to experience who we are, we can do that all by ourselves. I believe that life is journey without a beginning and without an end. It is made up of an immense number of experiences, each one shaping the next; and we choose who we want to experience. So the next time you are pondering who you are just look in the mirror and stop creating an image in your subconscious of not being true to yourself. It is up to us to tap into the abundant potential of this Universe and at the same time send the message that you believe in yourself. It is time for us to realize that if we want to achieve happiness and inner peace we need to be who we are. 

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  1. just wanted to say i really enjoy your blog man. you always give insightful/deep topics to contemplate. be yourself, everyone is taken is outstanding to say the least. thank you for the blog, for being current, relevant, and for the sexy pics too lol.




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