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Thursday, 17 July 2008


As morning came I realize that I had to get out of my nice comfy bed and go earn my paycheck @ a place that I considered to be my stop over until I take my journey to where I really wanted to be. I went back and forth about quitting so many times that I lost count, each time I told myself that I wouldn’t something OR someone made me realize that I was making a mistake. YES I needed to work because like everyone on this planet I have things that require money; but I thought @ what cost? How does one know what is the right thing to do when he is split down the middle? I talked it over with Noel (MY FUTURE HUSBAND) close friends AND God, but nothing came to me. My UNIVERSAL AWAKENING was rippling AND tipping and it made me feel so angry AND frustrated @ my country because somehow, some way there is this STALE energy that exists in the working world in the Bahamas. And it seems that WE humans are like LITTLE bitches playing roles that ultimately decide who lives AND dies. As a conscious seeker, I am all about breaking through the old AND outmoded way of the working world…IT IS ALL ABOUT EMPLOYING PRESENCE! So many of us are just about having a job; I am about having THE job AND being PRESENT @ that job. I know that I was WASTING my time doing something somewhere for some reason but I am NOT quite sure what that something is…I can say that I brought this on myself because when I first got there I was NOT present, I did NOT start with the right intention for what I was about to do. I suppose in my own way I knew that this was going to be my end, either I quit OR it’ll quit me. The problem for me is that when I stepped through the doors of my workplace, I ceased being myself AND started being just an employee. Before leaving for work today, I should have cleared my energy AND step out with my BEST foot forward. But all in all I have to say that I am NOT disappointed in myself because I knew what was going to happen before I even got there, I just did NOT think that things would take the path that it had. CE LA VIE! I AM GLAD THIS HAPPEN BECAUSE THIS ONLY PUSHES ME MORE TO GET THINGS STARTED & MAKE MY MOVE TO THE UNITED STATES OR CANADA (AS PER NOEL’S VOICE OF REASON). I HAVE ACCEPTED THAT MY LIFE IS NO LONGER IN THE BAHAMAS & THAT IT IS TIME FOR ME TO MOVE ON A LONG TIME AGO; I GUESS THE UNIVERSE IS JUST CATCHING UP TO ME…NO MATTER BECAUSE THE GIFT OF MY FREEDOM & MY DESIRE TO HAVE A JOB THAT WORTHY OF ME & I OF IT WILL ONLY ADD TO MY ALIGNMENT WITH THE UNIVERSE. THE BEAUTY OF THIS LIFE, THOUGH, IT PROVIDES US WITH TROUBE WATERS, IT ALSO GIVES US A BRIDGE TO THE OTHER SIDE WHERE THAT WHICH I SEEK CAN BE FOUND…

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  1. Your testimony was probably the necessary ULTIMATE STEP to take a decision in your life to GO FORWARD
    to achieve your goal. Indeed, it is a very difficult step to do by taking your destiny the way you really want. I am sure that you took the RIGHT decision by writing this fantastic testimony which certainly will relief your mind and getting you in the right direction. Yes, some days we must, each of us, take a pause and THINK
    what should I DO to change my LIFE the way I want. But, sometime, LIFE says something differently.
    My dear friend, REMEMBER this:

    A friend is there when needed, but ONLY the through ones will be there to support, to understand, to help.

    The human is very fragile and NO ONE can't say: I don't need anyone.
    In your case you took the EXACT STEP and I think at the RIGHT MOMENT.
    So, you can ALWAYS count on me should you need it. Noel is a tremendous and wonderful person and I am convinced he is beside you and will remain it forever with God's Will.
    I think it is the right time for you to move ahead by looking another horizon with the help of the good friends who only want you to be happy.
    Please REMEMBER I will be always there beside you to assist the best way I can. Now you are the Captain aboard the ship and only you can bring it to the good distination. Again, it was a great testimony and you deserve to be congratulated for it and also for your determination to go FORWARD and forget the PAST. Future belongs to each of us.
    If you ever wish to come to Canada I will be glad to give you my support and, you know that.
    From one of your dearest friends
    living in Canada.
    With all my best thoughts
    Some one who really cares about you.




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