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Wednesday, 02 July 2008


Lately, I felt that my life is a role
That I stole…
Because surely GOD cannot hate me so,
I done what I should…
Yet I am bored, depressed and mentally exhausted.
Why oh why do I have to be me?
Why can’t I just be like…I don’t know THEM?
It isn’t that I am getting older,
I just give damn about myself.
Initially, I told myself to be patient,
And wait for my day would come.
Secretly, I knew this would be my fate!
Even though I have here and there
And got mine somewhere in between,
It has dawned on me that I am not whole.
And really, it about the elements coming in and out of my life,
It was about me going in and out of me.
I am losing me trying to find something,
I would get it but try my hardest not to keep it.
I was more focused on what I wanted
That I had forgotten what I needed…
Now when I mean free,
I don't know who to be.
I've been cheated,
Used and mentally abused,
I have been to hell and came back.
I guess in a little while,
I will realize that I shouldn’t take life too serious.
And not let things hurt me;
For in reality they are nothing,
But dream experiences…
I could not make myself apart of them,
Play my part in life
And say F&CK it all!
Because I just don’t know what to make out my life right now,
But I know one thing,
I want to be FREE!
I want to be able to enjoy myself,
As I die;
Each day.
tgk ©

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  1. thx for stopping by my spot. You got nice pics on here! :)




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