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Monday, 02 June 2008


It has ALWAYS been my belief that any act of LOVE is a step in the evolution of life. LOVE does not differentiate between the love you give yourself and the love you give others. Loving yourself is NOT self-centered; it is the KEY element in life…IF ONLY WE ALL KNEW THAT! Just yesterday, I was online having chat with a buddy of mine and he seemed very frustrated AND hurt. After asking a few questions I came to realize that he was in a relationship that serves him NO purpose. Now the thing about it is that he says that his boyfriend is the ONE for him, but he hasn’t heard from him in over a week and he is getting tired so he is going to have sex with someone else because he is lonely. Now I know that I am NOT the brightest man in the world, but logic would stand to reason that if a man is about to cross this bridge then he should not be in the relationship he is in @ this present time. It is MY belief that LOVE does NOT express itself in this regard. If he does what LOVE requires of him he would be in harmony with himself and will NOT feel this need to bring another into the relationship. Of course he tries to explain to me that the LOVES his boyfriend and he him, but sometimes LOVE isn’t enough. I agree with that sentiment; however I am of the opinion that one cannot honor the wisdom of the ages without coming to LOVE. Hence he cannot LOVE this man without loving himself and LOVE cannot be expressed without being LOVE. TRUE LOVE is shown via actions AND NOT words. Hence his NOT being able to be in a relationship that is going NO where is pointless AND fruitless. This lying AND cheating only fosters the image of what GAY men subscribe to AND it is destroying us. We seem to live as if we cannot find a descent man OR live as if nobody wants to be with us when it is us that do NOT want to be with a man that is worthy of us. Therefore, as we maintain this energy of NOT knowing what TRUE LOVE is, we are going to get what is enviable, being alone, through our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and up. Many of us point to the other guy as our reason for NOT having LOVE when we NEVER had it from the start. I believe that LOVE is what they say it is; LOVE does NOT hurt OR seek to destroy us. It is us that are playing games AND is NOT serious about life. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result. Doesn’t it sound like insanity, to say LOVE but NOT live OR feel it around you? Most of us know think we know what it feels like to have LOVE; but we don’t. ONE WOULD THINK THAT WE WOULD DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE “THE” CONNECTION & solidify A LIFE THAT IS OF SUBSTANCE. WE HAVE SOOOOO MANY THINGS GOING AGAINST US AS GAY MEN THAT WE DON’T NEED TO MAKE THINGS ANYMORE COMPLICATED. STAYING IN A RELATIONSHIP THAT DOES NOT bask IN THE GLORY OF SUN IS JUST LIKE GROWING OLD WITHOUT SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE. IT HURTS MY HEART TO KNOW THAT WE CHOOSE TO LIVE THIS WAY…NONETHELESS, I HAVE FAITH THAT WE WILL ONE DAY MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION & TAKE OUR PLACE IN THIS WORLD…MY ONLY FEAR IS THAT I HOPE WE ARE NOT TOO LATE…

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  1. "Bask in the glory of the sun"...well that is nice if you thinking of corruptable love of the flesh, which is not pleasing to God. Acceptance of love starts with the Father and true love is loving what He loves...inspite of what we (flesh) desire.




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